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Sykkivä Susiraja Podcast

What Podcast?

The purpose of  the Sykkivä Susiraja Podcast is to get to know the activities of SYKETTÄ Sports Services and to discuss issues related to exercise and well-being with experts. The first four episodes introduce SYKETTÄ Sports Services from different perspectives: as told by employees, users, instructors and trainees. In later episodes, we will discuss topics related to exercise and well-being together with experts in the field. Podcast is presented in Finnish.

Autumn 2020 Episodes

Episode 6: Dance as part of life
Episode 5: Fysiotikka –  physiotherapy services
Episode 4: As a university trainee in SYKETTÄ
Episode 3: What is it like to work as an instructor of SYKETTÄ classes?
Episode 2: Who uses those SYKETTÄ Sports Services?
Episode 1: What is SYKETTÄ Sports Services?

Sykkivä Susiraja Podcast on Spotify

NB! The first four episodes of the podcast were recorded in the spring 2020 and was scheduled to release during the spring. Due to the coronavirus, the publication of the episodes had to be moved to the autumn 2020, so there may be outdated information in this episode, for example, regarding the classes of the sports calendar.