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8.6.2015 klo 17:35

SYKETTÄ summer info 6/2015 + Sweets from Autumn 2015 1 Summer opening hours, free shifts and open ball sports 2 Regular set shifts – Autumn 2015 3 Sports calendar for Autumn 2015 will be published on Monday 17.8.2015 4 Kampus Maraton is held on Friday 4.9.2015 Sirpa and Saara wishes a happy summer! We will […]

Info-letter 5/2015 – Let the summer come!

13.5.2015 klo 11:34

SYKETTÄ - Let the summer come! Only with a price of a Ball Sports Sticker (15 €) you get all the rest of the Spring sport services in your use! This includes instructed group classes and the right to use the Gyms unt...

Jogging almost a quarter of a century

5.5.2015 klo 14:49

I have been interested in jogging for 23 years. During the first 10 years I jogged only a couple of times a week until I happened to take part in a running event. This made me to get more enthusiastic in running. I took up more ex...

Joy and light from SYKETTÄ services – Info-Letter 4/2015

15.4.2015 klo 21:14

In this info letter 4/2015: 1) Events in the Spring - SYKETTÄ Running School on Monday 20.4.2015 - Students “Ravikunkku” king of the trot –competition on Monday 27.4.2015 2) Ball Sports Sticker is now Group Exerci...

SYKETTÄ Info-Letter 03/2015

30.3.2015 klo 15:48

 SYKETTÄ Info-Letter 03/2015 Sunny greetings from SYKETTÄ sport services! SYKETTÄ inform: 1) Opening hours in Eastern and The First of May 2) Sport courses, getting to know –classes, extras 3) Please give us feedb...
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