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Infoletter 11/2016: New SYKETTÄ sport buddy and get-to-know classes

Kirjoitettu: 1.11.2016 11:26

News to cheer you up in dark November

Are you excited for the winter to come or are you dreading the long, cold time ahead? Whichever you are, here’s some tips to make your winter a nice one! We have lots of new get-to-know classes, some beginners courses and new stuff in the weekly sport calendar – and of course the brand new SYKETTÄ sport buddy!

In this infoletter:

1 – Give feedback about the Sports afternoon
2 – SYKETTÄ sport buddy starts 1.11.!
3 – New courses, get-to-know-classes and offers
4 – Changes in the weekly sport calendar

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1- Give us feedback about the Sports afternoon!

Autum sports afternoon was held on Tuesday 4.10. Please help us to make the Sports Afternoon even better and answer this questionnaire to give us feedback. The feedback form is open until 4.11. 12 o’clock. Thank you!

Next Sports Afternoon is held on Valentines day February 14th! <3

2 – SYKETTÄ sport buddy starts 1.11. !

WHAT? Let’s move together! If you need a buddy to do sports with, join the SYKETTÄ Dream team and other SYKETTÄ movers to do some light exercising together. If you need a sport buddy or just someone to chat with, this is a service for you.

WHEN? Every Tuesday during the November. First time is 1.11. and meeting time 17:30.

WHERE? The place will change from week to week, so please check the SYKETTÄ rinnassa -Facebook group to find out the meeting point. The first time will be a walk around the Savilahti, we’ll meet at the Studentia main doors.

WHAT ELSE? You do not need the SYKETTÄ sticker to move with the sport buddy! Just come along, no need to enroll beforehand!

3 – New courses, get-to-know classes and offers

Rugby beginners’ course

Wanna try rugby? You can get to know the sport for example here.
Rugby is a challenging and addicting game, which will improve your physics and get you a lot of new friends.

For men there is a beginners course starting on Tuesday 1.11. See the Kuopio Rugby Club Facebook-page for more info!

All the SYKETTÄ-movers, boys and girls alike, are welcome to try rugby FOR FREE from November to February! Just come visit the training sessions and get to know rugby!

Trainings for men and women:

Thursdays 20.30-22.00 in SavonSanomat-arena (Kuopio Football stadium) or next to Arena at Kuplahalli, Kaartokatu 6.
More information: rugby@kuopio.fi

Futsal for beginners – Wednesdays 26.10. – 7.12.!

Have you noticed that every Wednesday we have a open ball sports turn called “Ball sport for beginners”? Now it’s time to learn the basics of Futsal, indoor football. Learn the rules, how to handle the ball effectively and of course you get to play a lot. Once you feel comfortable with playing, feel free to join all our open futsal shifts to play even more!

FUTSAL for beginners: Wednesday 18.00-18.55 @Opistotie
FUTSAL open shifts: Monday 16.30-17.25 @Studentia, Tuesday 20.00-20.55 @Opistotie, Friday 14.00-14.55 @Studentia, Sunday 17.00-17.55 @Opistotie

JKD defensive applications – get-to-know classes on 2.11. and 7.12.

Get to know Jeet Kune Do defensive applications! You will learn the basics of self-defense, no previous experience in martial arts is needed. Classes are mostly based on a contemporary form of Jeet Kune Do, including Filipino Martial Arts and influences from other arts.

Get to know these classes for free with a valid SYKETTÄ sticker:

NEW OFFER! SalsaStudio: Student Sunday

Wow! On Sundays you get -50 % discount on all of the SalsaStudio’s dance classes! One class costs only 5 euros. The discount is valid rest of the year, until 18.12. There’s no better way to lift your spirits than to dance some salsa or reggaeton, is there?

You do not need to enroll for the classes beforehand. SalsaStudio is located in Puistokatu 14-16, 2nd floor.
Please take cash with you to pay the participation fee.

Offered on Sundays:

15.30 Afrosalsarumba
16.30 Street salsa
17.30 Dancehall ft. reggaeton
18.30 Zumba

4 – Changes in the weekly sport schedule

1 – Football open turn in Kuopio-halli on Wednesdays at 15-16!

2 – Masculine training on Tuesdays 16.00-16.55 in Studentia is no longer in the weekly calendar, instead we offer:

3 – Floorball – open turn on Tuesdays 16.00-16.55 in Studentia.

4 – Effective-interval is now bodyweight training! On tuesdays 16.00-16.55 in Opistotie – welcome!

5 – Our outdoor training-classes Stairs and uphills and Street workout disappeared from the weekly calendar after the autumn vacation. What is your opinion on outdoor training? Would you like to see them again in our calendar? Let us know via Facebook or feedback form!

6 – Futsal – open turn on Fridays 20.00-21.00 in Opistotie, begins on 11.11.!