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Infoletter 4/2016 – New instructed group classes, bouldering and other awesome novelties in April!

Kirjoitettu: 7.4.2016 09:08

SYKETTÄ – News in April

According to famous poem by T.S. Eliot, April is the cruellest month. However, we here in SYKETTÄ sport services do not agree with that kind of melancholy statement. In April there is happening all kinds of great stuff – you can sharpen your ninja skills in Opiskelijaninja, try bouldering at VOEMA, dance historical dances and so on. April is the month of many possibilities!

In this infoletter:

1 – Novelties and changes in the sport calendar
2 – SYKETTÄ sport of the month: Bouldering – Notice the bouldering evenings for 5 euros at the VOEMA!
3 – New offer with your sticker: Sport massage
4 – Great events: Opiskelijaninja, futsal-tournament and opiskelijan ravikunkku
5 – FC SYKETTÄ needs you!
6 – Sport courses for April and May

P.s. Did you already hear that Sirpa Risto from ISYY will be a full time member of SYKETTÄ team? Awesome, this team is pure gold!

1 – Novelties and changes in the sport calendar

Check here that you have the latest information about our new instructed group classes and changes in timetables!

Thu 15:30 BODYBALANCE /Kunnonsali
Thu 16:15 LAVIS /Studentia
Thu 17:00 MIND & BODY /Snellmania
Fri 16:00 BOXING WORKOUT /Studentia – starting from 15.4.!

To klo 16:00 BACK & CORE moves from Studentia to Snellmania
La klo 13:00 FLOW-YOGA
Kunnonsali – new time!

Thu 16:00 MUSCLE TONE, STAFF ONLY /Studentia
Sun 20:00 AIR YOGA, ADVANCED /Huippu

NOTICE! First of May 30.4.-1.5. and Ascension Thursday 5.5.: No instructed group classes!
In Opistotie the gyms are in use and you can book free shifts via the sport calendar as usual.
In Studentia you may use the gym on 5.5. between 11am and 7pm.

2 – SYKETTÄ sport of the month: Bouldering

In April we will climb to the walls! SYKETTÄ sport of the month is bouldering. In Kuopio you can try it in the climbing centre VOEMA.
Click here to get to know about bouldering and climbing centre VOEMA.

SYKETTÄ Dream team already tested it and loved it – you’ll find Tahvo’s opinions (in finnish) in SYKETTÄ blog and also some pics and video from VOEMA.

Burning news! Starting from 6.4. and all the way through summer, the first wednesday of the month is now climbing day! The bouldering costs only 5 euros then, if you have a valid SYKETTÄ-sticker. The fee includes the climbing shoes.

3 – New offer with your SYKETTÄ sticker: Sport massage

Sport massage Niko Randelin now gives you -15 % discount, if you have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker.

Sore neck or pain in your thighs? Sport massage might help you. Book a time from Niko Randelin, you can do it via internet – that’s super handy!

4 – Events in April

Opiskelijaninja 8.4. @ Vesileppis

Savo’s most flexible, most diverse and newest student party is here! Opiskelijaninja (Student Ninja) is held 8.4. at Leppävaara, Vesileppis Sport and Spa hotel. There you will compete in groups of four person in diverse ninja-styled tasks to win great prizes. And that’s not all – there’s also a pool party and the main act of the night is Spekti. The party will continue in Kuopio, in ravintola Tähti.

The bus transport to the Vesileppis and back to Kuopio is included in the ticket price! 

Check out the official page for more info! You can get tickets from Lukema, Café Savotta and Lippupalvelu! Tickets cost 60 euros per team (15 euros per person!).

Futsal -tournament 16.-17.4.

Now we have a good spirit! Our trainee Mikko has organized a indoor-football tournament for everyone who enjoys football!
WHEN? On Saturday 16.4. between 2.30pm and 8pm there will be series for people who wanna play “just for fun” and on Sunday between 11am and 4pm there will be series for people who want to take it as a competition.
WHERE? The games will take its place in Opistotie sports hall (Opistotie 2) with a brand new futsal goals.
FOR WHO? We offer you two series: First one just for fun and the other is a competition series. You don’t need to have a SYKETTÄ-sticker, but you have to be a part of Kuopio universities society.
TELL ME MORE! We play the games with 5 vs. 5 on the field, but you can have 10 members in your team. There is a whole sports hall in use for the game. More info and enrollment link form here.

The event is a non-alcoholic
If a team does not turn up to the tournament sanction fee is 20e / team

NB! Players are not insured by the organizer!

Student horserace competition 25.4.

Students horserace competition is held on 25.4. in Sorsasalo horserace stadium!

WHAT? There is a free spirit competition held in Sorsasalo horserace stadium, where 2 students are pulling a real horserace carriage and one student is sitting in the carriage as a rider. It’s pure fun!
WHEN? Come and join the competition just before 1st of May celebration, on 25th of April.
FOR WHO? Collect a team of three strong students and join in!
MORE INFO! See the Facebook-event and watch from here how was the competition last year.

5 – Kuopion kortteliliiga: FC SYKETTÄ needs you!

Kuopion Kortteliliiga is a football league for all people over 16 years of age – come play with your friends, you do not need to be a pro.  Game lasts 2 x 25 minutes of pure fun! The league will start as soon as the outdoor fields are open in April or May. The games continue in the august after the summer break. The winners will get a great prize: A trip to Mecca of Kortteliliiga-football, Lahti, to the legendary Kortteliliiga-day.

FC SYKETTÄ is aiming for the championship stronger than ever! Do you want to be part of the team? Enroll: pajunen.mikko@gmail.com. SYKETTÄ will pay the team fee, each players pays his/hers player fee 25 €. By enrolling you agree to participate the games!

You can also form your own team. In the Kuopion Kortteliliiga Facebook page the latest information is that there is room for nine more teams, so be quick!

6- Sport courses: Historical dances and canoeing coming up!

Boffer sword fighting – 23.-24.4.2016

Foam sword fighting (sometimes called ”boffering”) is a sport spirited sword play in which the combatants fight with foam covered weapons, which are usually self-made. No protective gear is necessary and you can always join others as long as you have weapons that have been built by the book. The rules are easy to learn. You can make your own weapon during the course, the material fee is 10 euros. Enroll via sport calendar!

Burlesque – 23.-24.4.2016

Do you need more glamour in your life? Are you interested in graceful moving, scandalous shimmies and bump’n’grind? You should get to know burlesque!

We will look into the history and present time of burlesque and start with the basic movements: posture, shimmying and bump’n’grind. We will also do walking exercises and a little bit improvisation. We will practise taking off the gloves, but that’s all we are going to strip in burlesque class. HUIPPU has gloves, you do not need to bring your own. In the end of the course we will do a little choreography and improvise. You do not need any previous dancing experience!

The course is held in Kuntokeskus HUIPPU. The instructor is fabulous Sirkku Aaltonen, who goes by artist name “Lily de Spell“. The course fee is 30 euroa. Enroll via the sport calendar!


Spring camp for historical dances 13.5.-15.5.

Are you an admirer of old dances? Would you like to dance historical dances from the 14th century Italy, 18th century England and 19th century France? In Siilinjärvi’s Punttisilimä there will be a spring camp for historical dances. There are different workshops for both beginners and advanced dancers and ball, where you can dance all the different dances you have learned.

With SYKETTÄ sticker the fee for the camp is 40 euros! You can enroll via the web page of the camp before 30.4. You can find more info from the camp’s page and SYKETTÄ course page.

Get to know canoeing 15.-17.5.

This canoeing course for beginners includes package with 3 times 4 hours instruction for getting to know canoeing. In the beginning we get to know some theory and what kind of club is “Kallan Melojat ry”. Soon we get to practise in the lake and learn how to move forward and backward, sideways and how to put on the brake. We practice capsizing (falling) in safe environment. The course fee is 50 euros when you have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker. You can enroll via the sport calendar. More info can be found on the course page.