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SYKETTÄ summer info 2016

Kirjoitettu: 16.6.2016 15:45

Possibilities to do SYKETTÄ-sport in the summer + about selling stickers in the Autumn

Sports planners Saara and Sirpa are soon having their summer vacation. Before that they have been organizing the sport facilities and making plans for autumns awesome sports calendar. In this info-letter we have collected you SYKETTÄ-sport possibilities for the summer time and info package about selling autumn SYKETTÄ-stickers. Have a great summer you all!

In this summer info package:


1 – Group classes & open ball sports in summer
2 – Opening hours for sports halls & gyms

3 – Co-operations special summer offers
4 – SYKETTÄ-sport sticker for autumn + web store
5 – Free sport weeks 5.9. – 18.9.2016
6 – Returning the Opistotie electronic key

Ps. Look FROM HERE some inspiration for your outdoor sport activities for the summer! Inspired by SYKETTÄ Dream Team. 😉

1 – Group classes & open ball sports in summer


1 – Instructed, outdoor group classes are available in June 31.5.-23.6. and in August 2.8.-25.8.! Remember to enroll for each class via SYKETTÄ sports calendar in first page.

Look for specific description and schedule from THIS ARTICLE or web pages offerings -page. Join in for Facebook SYKETTÄ rinnassa  -group, where you will get the latest info about summer classes!


2 – Open ball sports in floorball and futsal are available in Studentia in June and July (excluding Studentia renovation on 27.6.-17.7.) Enroll for the classes via front pages sports calendar so that we know what is the utilization rate for the turns.


3 – Individual instruction is also offered you via our awesome SYKETTÄ Trainers during the summer time!

2 – Opening hours for sports halls & gyms

3 – Co-operations special summer offers

Co-operations nice summer offers can be found from THIS article. 

Alfido, Element Studio, HUIPPU, Ready.Set.Pole!, climbing centre VOEMA and Tarinagolf are taking care of you so that you can do sports with a reasonable price.

Remember also to check all the offers from THIS PAGE. For example the last added offer gives you -15% discount from massage services of sports massage Niko Randelin!

Ps. With a valid SYKETTÄ sticker you get to do bouldering for 5€ in VOEMA climbing center every months first Wednesday! In the summer time the Wednesdays are 6.7. and 3.8..

4 – SYKETTÄ-sport sticker for autumn + web store

We start to sell the SYKETTÄ stickers for autumn 2016 on 1.8.2016.
We publish the new sports calendar on 17.8.2016!

Selling points are open as followed:

VOW! 1000 first ones to fetch the whole year SYKETTÄ-sticker, gets a free SYKETTÄ-microfibre towel (600 pieces in Lukema, 400 pieces in CafeSAVOTTA).

Sport packages – Academic year 2016-2017

NOTICE! We have received instructions from tax authority that we are obliged to pay taxes from sport payments that we receive. So far we have been able to offer the services with 0% taxes.

According to this new decision, we add +10% vat for all our sport payments beginning at 1.8.2016. 

Buy from the online-store!

Now SYKETTÄ online-store is also open! When you pay via web-store, you may enroll right away for all the classes and book free shifts from the sports halls.

This is how it works:
1 – You choose a package from the web-store: www.sykettä.fi/kuopio/fi/kauppa/. Please follow the instruction and pay with your Finnish bank account or credit card. After the payment is done, you may enroll for all the classes and book free shifts from the sports halls. 
2 – Fetch a SYKETTÄ-sticker on your student or staff card from one of our selling points or in summer 2016 you can fetch it from Studentia doormen. You have to have the sticker, because the instructors and SYKETTÄ-inspector are asking for the stickers in our sports facilities.

If you fetch the sticker in the summer from Studentia doormen, you need to prove your payment by showing your SYKETTÄ profile page from your phone. There is a sign that says you have paid for the sticker via web-store, or “Verkkokauppa”.

5 – Free sport weeks 5.9. – 18.9.2016

What? We celebrate the new academic year by inviting all the students and staff in UEF and Savonia to exercise with us!

During the weeks you can try our classes for free. What ever your favorite sports is, we have it! We also have classes designed for beginners, so don’t hesitate to join us.

Where? In all sport halls of Savonia, UEF and our partners. You can find more details about their whereabouts, opening hours and equipment from here.

When? 5.9. – 18.9.2016.

Why: Because exercising increases your well-being and SYKETTÄ gives you great, diverse services for a great price!


It’s easy. All you have to do is:

1 – Register as a new user here, if you haven’t done it already. It’s free!
2 – Get familiar with SYKETTÄ sports calendar here. (We publish the new calendar on 17.8.!)
3 – Sign in to the site and enroll for classes via our front pages event calendar here. During the free weeks this doesn’t cost anything!

6 – Returning the Opistotie electronic key

Are you worried about the electronic key? Please don’t. Look here how to deal with it and breath freely. 😉

1 – Have you got the key from Savonia Microkatu campus (Technopolis) and we have added an access to Opistotie sports hall in it?
> The admittance will end automatically after the validity of your SYKETTÄ sticker ends.

2 – Have you got the key from one of our selling points and you have signed a commitment while getting the key? You haven’t paid for the key, but if you lose it or don’t return it, it will cost you 50 euros.
> When you stop using the SYKETTÄ sport services, you need to return this key as soon as possible, so that we can give it to the next mover, who needs it. The right to use the key ends when the free sport weeks ends. In autumn this is 18th of September. After this you have 30 days time to return the key before we inherit 50 euros penalty fee from you.