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Cross Usage

What Is Cross Usage?

Did you know that SYKETTÄ sports services also operates in Kuopio? Now you can use SYKETTÄ in Kuopio with no extra fees. If you have an internship in the other city or commute between Joensuu and Kuopio, cross using SYKETTÄ is perfect for you. The right to cross usage is only to those who have purchased semester and academic year stickers, and so possible weekly or monthly fees do not entitle to cross usage. Click here to learn more about SYKETTÄ Kuopio.

NB! Joensuu students and staff buy a Joensuu SYKETTÄ sticker, after that we will activate the cross-usage in Kuopio.


1. Log on the SYKETTÄ Joensuu website.

2. Click your name on the top of the page to open the Own Profile page.

3. At the bottom of the page, under ‘Using services in other cities‘, find and tick the box next to ‘Kuopio’.

4. Inform a SYKETTÄ Joensuu employee by email that you wish to start using SYKETTÄ services in Kuopio. Cross usage will be activated in a few days.