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Länsikatu School


Länsikatu school is located on the University of Eastern Finland campus in the address Tulliportinkatu 1, 80130 Joensuu. The gymnasium is accessible via the B door on Länsikatu. Changing rooms are located to the right of the entrance.

Länsikatu school and Tulliportinkatu school have the same address, which can sometimes be misleading. Länsikatu School is located on the corner of Tulliportinkatu and Länsikatu, and Tulliportinkatu school is further away on Tulliportinkatu. When you arrive at Länsikatu school, the statue next to the road is a good sign.

Basic Information

The Länsikatu school gymnasium has a parquet floor and the gymnasium can be divided in three with screens. The gymnasium is suitable for both ball sports (e.g. floorball, basketball, badminton, futsal) and group exercise. Wall bars can be found at the end of the gymnasium, with mirrors on the other side of the bars. The gymnasium has a PA system. SYKETTÄ users are free to use the goals and nets stored in the gymnasium. SYKETTÄ users may not use the school’s other equipment.


– Only indoor sports slippers or shoes may be worn in the gymnasium. Do not wear outdoor shoes or shoes that leave marks on the floor in the gymnasium.
– Playing in the changing rooms, storage rooms and hallways is forbidden
– Be careful not to damage the floor when setting up nets. Use the hooks to lift up the column groove covers.
– Return all equipment to their proper places, unless you are certain that the next group will need them
– The last user to leave in the evening must turn off the lights. The light switches are located in a closet on the gymnasium wall.
– If you are not certain whether other users are coming after you, turn off the lights

Opening Hours

The entrance is electronically timed to stay unlocked for evening users. During weekends (Friday to Sunday) the entrance is open only when the gymnasium has been reserved via the sports calendar. If no-one has enrolled on a free turn by Friday noon, the entrances of the school will be automatically locked. Remember to enroll on weekend turns in time!

NB! Turns for the weekend (Fri-Sun) must be reserved no later than 12noon on Friday of the week in which the turn is held.