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Frequently Asked Questions


What is SYKETTÄ?
SYKETTÄ Joensuu is the very own sports service for the students and staff of the University of Eastern Finland and the Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

Who can use the Sykettä services?
The students and staff members of UEF and Karelia UAS on Joensuu campuses are entitled to use the SYKETTÄ services.


How do I start using the SYKETTÄ services?
If you are a new user, you must register as a user on our website or the mobile application. After the registration, you can buy a group exercise or ball sports sticker on our online shop, via the mobile application, or at the offices of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) and the Student Union POKA of Karelia University of Applied Sciences. There are two ways to use a sports sticker: the mobile sticker on the mobile application and/or a physical sports sticker attached to a student card, staff card, or a separate blanco card.

Previously registered users do not need to register again. If you are an old user, you can just buy a new sticker.

What do the group exercise and ball sports stickers mean?
If you have the group exercise sticker, you are entitled to use all SYKETTÄ sports services in the sports calendar. If you have the ball sports sticker, you are entitled to use SYKETTÄ sports services excluding instructed group exercise classes. Both stickers are available for the semester or whole academic year.

Can I bring my friends to SYKETTÄ classes?
Only persons who have the SYKETTÄ sticker may use these services. SYKETTÄ services are not for persons who are not members of the university community; this includes your family members, other relatives, friends and former co-workers. If a SYKETTÄ user comes to a sports facility with a person who does not have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker, the user shall be banned for 14 days from using SYKETTÄ sports services in accordance with the Terms of Use

I’m a staff member. Do I need to purchase the sticker?
If you would like to use SYKETTÄ services, you must have a valid group exercise or ball sports sticker. The same rule applies to staff members and students.


How do I enroll on a class?
Select the sport event from the sports calendar on the website or mobile application and click the “Enroll” button. Enrollment starts 7 days before the class begins and closes 30 minutes before the start of the sport event. You must enroll beforehand on all instructed group exercise classes, instructed and open ball sports turns and other exercise turns, free turns and family turns via the sports calendar either on the website or in the mobile application. You do not need to enroll for the gyms via the sports calendar. You must enroll on some of the regular turns for student and staff groups via the sports calendar, some can be attended without enrolling.

Why do I have to enroll in advance when there’s always places on some of the classes?
Requiring users to enroll on the classes in advance allows us to guarantee that everyone who enrolled a class can also participate in the class. In addition, monitoring the number of participants allows us to estimate the demand for the classes and see which ones have not been able to gain users and perhaps could be replaced. This does not mean that we would only focus on the most popular classes. Instead, our primary goal is to offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our diverse membership.

I can’t enroll on a class anymore because it’s full. What now? 
Some of the group exercise classes get filled up quickly due to their popularity. There are always cancellations, so keep checking the classes during the week prior to the class. Places often become available the night before and the morning of the same day.

How do I cancel my enrollment?

If you cannot attend a class, remember to cancel your enrollment via the sports calendar. An enrollment must be cancelled no later than four hours before the class starts. Your place is freed and someone else can attend the class. Enrollment on morning classes starting before 10 am must be cancelled no later than 12 hours before the class starts. A sanction policy is applied in cases of uncancelled enrollments and reservations, as specified in the Terms of Use.

Why are classes sometimes cancelled?
Cancelling a class is always a last option, which usually means there simply wasn’t a way to hold the class at the time. We try to avoid cancellations by calling in a replacement for an instructor who can’t make it to a classes due to illness, or by using a different location if we can’t use certain facilities. Cancellations regarding school facilities are most commonly caused by the schools’ need to use their facilities for teaching or other purposes, or school holidays.

I’ve noticed that the number of participants in a class is often fewer than the number of people who enolled. Why does this happen? 
If this is the case, then some people who enolled on the class decided not to come. If the user have two irrevocable enrollments, she/he will be banned from enrolling and participating in SYKETTÄ sports services for 7 days. The ban can be removed by paying a 4 € fine at ISYY or POKA offices. The number of users is monitored based on the instructor’s announcements from the classes when it is practically possible.


Why does it cost to use SYKETTÄ services?
SYKETTÄ is funded by the support of the universities and the fees we charge SYKETTÄ users, which allows us to provide a wide range of sports services for our diverse membership.

I’d just like to occasionally use the gym. Do I still need to buy the SYKTTÄ sticker?
The use of all SYKETTÄ services requires a valid SYKETTÄ sticker. You gacan use the SYKETTÄ gym turns by purchasing the ball sports or group exercise sticker.

I don’t want to use the SYKETTÄ services anymore. Can I have a refund if I return my sticker?
Once you have purchased a sticker, you cannot return it or get a refund.


Why are the gym opening hours limited?
We have no authority over the opening hours of the Aurora gym. During nights, when there is no attendant present, the doors can only be opened with an electronic key fob. As present, we are unable to give every student an electronic key fob. The staff members of UEF can ask SYKETTÄ employees to activate the access at the Aurora gym on their own electronic key. 

The availability of the Tikkarinne gym is quite limited as it is used for teaching during the day. However, SYKETTÄ users may use the gym during the weekend.

SYKETTÄ users may use the Joensuu Areena gym during opening hours when it is not reserved. Visit Tilava Joensuu to view the Areena reservation calendar (in Finnish only).

See the up-to-date availability of the gyms on our Gyms page.

Why isn’t there more group exercise classes for staff members? 
Our goal is to allow all users to access the majority of SYKETTÄ classes preventing a situation where one user group is favored at the expense of another. The sessions have been categorized based on their content (pulse class, dance class, muscle tone exercise, effective muscle tone exercise, body overhaul, martial arts, gym and ball sports). Our users are welcome to choose the type of exercise they prefer

There are regular turns in the sports calendar. What are these turns and who are they for? 
The regular turns of student and staff member groups are weekly turns. Each group has a person in charge responsible for supervising these classes. Groups can apply for a regular turn every spring. The regular turn for the next academic year are announced in autumn.

My student association has its own sports turn. Why is paying the membership fee of the student association not enough to allow me to use my student association’s own sports turn?
Student associations can apply for a regular turn from SYKETTÄ sports services. The sports turns are administered by the SYKETTÄ sports services, and because of this, a valid SYKETTÄ sticker is required for the turns of student and staff groups. The membership fee collected by the student associations is not related to the services of the university sports in any way.

Why is there a limit to the number participants in group exercise classes?
Several factors need to be taken into account when determining the number of participants for each session, such as the facilities and possible restrictions therein, safety elements, disposable equipment, and the instructors’ opinion on the maximum number of participants.

Why can’t you organize more group exercise classes and ball sports turns, so that all interested could participate?
We organize as many classes as possible while working within the limits of our budget and the facilities at our disposal. One challenge we are facing now is the difficulty in finding available sports facilities in Joensuu, which unfortunately means that we are often unable to offer the most convenient hours for our users. Schools’ cancellations, events and holidays cause frequent changes to the facilities at our disposal.

There are many private sector sports service providers in Joensuu. Why doesn’t SYKETTÄ buy more of their services?
This is influenced by both financial and scheduling factor. External services end up costing us more than classes organized internally by SYKETTÄ instructors using our readily available facilities. Furthermore, the best for group exercise classes is between 4pm and 8pm, which coincides with the time when these businesses provide services for their own customers.


Why can’t I log on to the mobile application?
If your email address is not correct, check that you have written your email address correct. Students use @student.uef.fi or @edu.karelia.fi address. If you have forgotten your password, use the password reset link. If SYKETTÄ has updated its Terms of Use, they must be accepted via the website. The mobile application will not work until you have accepted the terms of use on the website.

Mobile application says: “You have registered to another city. Please log on to the correct mobile application.”
If you have accidentally activated the SYKETTÄ Kuopio mobile application, download SYKETTÄ Joensuu mobile application. The application also gives this notification when your email address is incorrect, so check that you have written your email address correct or when your password is incorrect. In this case, use the password reset link.

I didn’t receive the password reset link
If you don’t receive the password reset link, email address you have registered with is not working or email address is not correct. Students use @student.uef.fi or @edu.karelia.fi address. If you don’t still receive the password reset link, send email to vapaa-aika@isyy.fi.


Can I use the equipment found in Länsikatu and Tulliportinkatu schools?
You may use the nets and goals but the use of all other equipment of the Länsikatu and Tulliportinkatu schools, such as exercise mats, rackets and balls, is forbidden. This rule applies to group exercise classes, ball sports and regular turns.

Do you have any sports equipment that I can loan?
SYKETTÄ users can loan sports equipment free of charge from SYKETTÄ and ISYY. The sports equipment can be loaned for one week at a time.

How do I know if I need to bring my own sports equipment to class?
In the class description of the sport event, it is mentioned if you need to bring your own equipment to the class. You must bring your own exercise mat to all group exercise classes if its use is mentioned in the class description.


I have something I’d like to ask you about the SYKETTÄ services. How can I reach you?
You can give us feedback and share your ideas via the SYKETTÄ website on feedback questionnaire.
You can also reach us employees by email. You can contact the instructors of the classes if you have a specific question about a certain class. Instructors may not be able answer general inquiries about the services.