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Physical Activity Counselling

What Is Physical Activity Counselling?

SYKETTÄ physical activity counselling is an individual guidance program to promote health and well-being. Physical activity counselling is always customer-oriented and goal-oriented. It is meant especially for students who do not exercise enough to maintain their health. Physical activity counselling is a step-by-step process that includes meetings between a physical activity counsellor and the customer. The purpose of physical activity counselling is to motivate the customer to improve their health and well-being by exercising.

Physical Activity Counselling Target Group

The target group for physical activity counselling is Joensuu university students who do not exercise enough to maintain their health.

Who Can Enter Physical Activity Counselling?

The Finnish Students Health Service (FSHS) direct students fitting the target group to physical activity counselling. Physical activity counselling is free of charge and does not require a SYKETTÄ sticker. As SYKETTÄ will cover the costs of the physical activity counselling, we expect customers entering the counselling to be motivated and willing to change their exercise habits and commit to the counselling process.

Additionally, they must fill at least one of the following criteria:

– The customer does not exercise enough to maintain their health
– The customer’s physical fitness is poor
– The customer has had little or poor exercise experiences

How Is Physical Activity Counselling Organized?

Physical activity counselling is organized in accordance with the SYKETTÄ service chain model. Physical activity counselling includes a maximum of five instructed meetings with a physical activity counsellor and a period of independent exercise. The number of meetings can be lower depending on the customer’s needs. The meetings are held once or twice a week. The customer and the physical activity counsellor plan the meetings together and the meetings are always conducted according to the customer’s needs and goals.

Active Daily Routine Group

For other students and staff members, group physical activity counselling is preferable to individual counselling. The Active Daily Routine is group organized once or twice an academic year in accordance with the physical activity counselling service chain model. Physical activity counselling in a group is especially suited to people who need group support and company while exercising, and people who have the experience of loneliness. Customers are directed to group counselling via student or occupational healthcare.