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What Is the SYKETTÄ Appro?

Complete sports classes, get to know SYKETTÄ sports services, enjoy exercising and win fabulous prizes!

SYKETTÄ Appro is a sports appro for university students in Joensuu and Kuopio. The appro is organized by SYKETTÄ sports services in cooperation with the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, the Student Union POKA of the Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and the Student Union of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences. SYKETTÄ Appro is held in the beginning of the fall semester as part of the free trial period of SYKETTÄ sports services.

The idea of SYKETTÄ Appro is to collect markings on an appro pass by participating in classes held by SYKETTÄ sports services. Each class is rewarded with one marking on the appro pass. Participants who return their appro pass will be rewarded with an overall badge based on the number of markings:

2-3 markings = Breathless Bronze
4-6 markings = Sweating Silver
7-9 markings = Fit Gold
10 or more markings = Tip-top Diamond

Return your appro pass to participate in a lottery with fabulous prizes! SYKETTÄ Appro participants may enroll on all the instructed classes offered by SYKETTÄ sports services, unless otherwise stated. The Appro also includes all ball sports turns and regular turns. To honor the occasion, we will also hold fantastic special classes!


1. Register as a user on our website or the mobile application. You can get a free appro pass from 28.8. ISYY and from 24.8. POKA offices.

2. Enroll on the class beforehand using the sports calendar on the SYKETTÄ website or the mobile application.

3. Be on time for the class! Bring suitable equipment for the class. Remember to check the necessary equipment in the class description on the sports calendar.

4. Remember to bring your appro pass with you and show it to the instructor after the class. The instructor will sign the participants’ appro passes. On regular turns, a person in charge present will sign the pass. If you will participate in a ball sports turn without an instructor, you can sing the appro pass yourself.

5. Every completed sport class is rewarded with one marking on the appro pass. If you participate in the same group exercise class or ball sports turn multiple times, you may receive a maximum of two markings. A maximum of two markings can also be received for the same regular turn. You can mark a maximum of two markings from the open ball sports turns and one marking from the gym.

6. During the Appro, you may participate in as many sport classes as you wish. The Appro lasts for the duration of the free trial period.

7. Return your appro pass to a campus office by 30.9. during the opening hours. If you wish to participate in the lottery, remember to include your contact information on the appro pass. You will receive your overall badge from the campus office.