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Free Turns and Family Turns

Free Turns

Free turns on weekends are available on the sports calendar. Users who enroll on a free turn may use one section of a gymnasium. The enrolled user may bring one (1) friend along and is responsible for the section. All participants must have a valid SYKETTÄ sports sticker.

Family Turns

The sports calendar also includes family turns on weekends. Only one member of a family attending a family turn is required to have a valid SYKETTÄ sports sticker. You can take a maximum of three family members with you to the turn. The person who made the reservation is in charge of the turn and responsible for the attending persons. On family turns you must take into account other users of the gymnasium and the turn is not intended to play badminton, as nets can make it difficult for others to move around the gymnasium.

There are also family badminton turns in the sports calendar. Person who has booked a turn may take one (1) family member who does not have a SYKETTÄ sticker as a playmate. The person who booked the turn must have a valid ball sports or group exercise sticker.

Free Turns and Family Turns in the Academic Year 2022-2023

Users must enroll on the weekend free turns and family turns via the sports calendar. Weekend turns in normal schools must always be reserved by Friday noon that week. If there are no enrollments, the turn is cancelled and the doors will be automatically locked. If you cannot attend, remember to cancel your enrollment on time. See the sports calendar for detailed instructions on reserving a turn.

Free turns and family turns are color-coded in the weekends. See all turns here.