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SYKETTÄ Services

The objective of SYKETTÄ is to provide diverse sports services equally to all university students and staff members. In addition to diverse and inexpensive sports services, SYKETTÄ also offers services promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Physical activity counselling is individual counselling to promote health and well-being. The target group for physical activity counselling is Joensuu university students, who do not exercise enough to maintain their health. Student healthcare directs students to physical activity counselling. The Active Daily Routine small group is an alternative to individual physical activity counselling.

The Bottoms Up project works to decrease excessive sitting in the universities. Bottoms Up ambassadors are select students who work on-campus to promote break exercise and change lecture and work practices. We also encourage university students and staff to perform independent break exercise at the specifically assembled exercise corners.

The Wolf Pack is a group of university students who introduce others to SYKETTÄ services and share their experiences as SYKETTÄ users. The objective is to lower the threshold of participating in SYKETTÄ classes and share information on the practices of different classes.

If you have already started to exercise but would like do it with a friend or a group of friends, you can apply for a Sports Buddy. We want to connect students interested in the same sports with the Sports Buddy service. Sports Buddy service is open for all university students.

All SYKETTÄ users can loan sports equipment free of charge. The sports equipment can be loaned at ISYY office in SYKETTÄ physical activity counselling room. The sports equipment can be loaned for one week at a time.