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Joensuu Sports Afternoon 13.2.2018

Kirjoitettu: 23.1.2018 12:38

The Sports Afternoon is a biannual event organised by SYKETTÄ sports services. You can participate if you are student or staff person of UEF or KUAS. The purpose of the Sports Afternoon is to give our students an opportunity to try new sports for a very affordable price (or for free) and to get everyone moving at least for one afternoon per semester. There will be no teaching after 12.15pm so everyone is able to take part – and we recommend you do! There is a great choice of activities, the list of which is below. Once you have chosen what you would like to do, please remember to book yourself a place (instructions on how to book next to each activity description). We recommend you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment – these activities tend to fill up fast.

After you have done your exercise you can reward yourself at the AFTERPARTY at Ilona (see the info below). There are a limited number of tickets available to this party, so be quick to get yours.

NB! You can participate in all Sports Afternoon activities also without Sykettä sticker!

Members of ISYY and POKA are insuranced by OLL (the Finnish Student Sports Federation). More information about from OLL website (only in finnish).

1.2. Trip to Kuhasalo added!

Sports Afternoon’s programme:

Time: 12.30-13-30, 14-15  (two different groups)
Place: Noljakka indoor track (Noljakankaari 1)
Price: 5 e
10 persons per group. Registration below (registration form in finnish)

Registration form, at 12.30-13:30
Registration form at 14.00-15:00

More information: olli-pekka.tikkanen@uef.fi, p. 050 323 1713

Cosmic bowling and billiards
Time: 2pm – 10pm
Place: Cosmic Bowling, Metropol shopping center
Cost: 9€ + 2€ shoe hire (bowling) and 7€ (billiards)

Cross country skiing
Come to learn cross country skiing technics with skier Petri Torvinen.
Time: Classic style 1.30pm-2.30pm, skating style 3pm-4pm
Equipment: You need your own skiing equipment
Registration: Classic style (open between 29.1. at 10am – 9.2. at 12noon)
Registration: Skating style (open between 29.1. at 10am – 9.2. at 12noon)
Address: Linnunlahti ski trail
More information: Petri Torvinen, puh. 0408251398 and email. pete.torvinen@gmail.com

Epee Fencing
Time: 13-15
Place: Pohjolankadun sali (Pohjolankatu 29)
Cost: Free
Spaces available: 12
Registration: karjalankalpa@outlook.com
Equipment: Indoor sports clothes

Escape Room Joensuu
Time: 1 hour between 10.45am-3.45pm. Three different theme rooms (“Curse of the Cottage”, “Bunker” and “Bank Robbery”)
Place: Escape Room Joensuu (Kauppakatu 28, 80100 Joensuu)
Cost: 15 e, pay at ISYY or POKA office
Spaces available: 4-10 per group, 12 different groups
Registration: Before 9.2. at 12noon
NB! You must arrive at Escape room 10-15 minutes (not over 20 minutes) BEFORE your group will start. You can’t use bathroom while the game is on.
More information: http://www.huonepakopeli.fi/ (only in finnish!)

Golf, Mehtimäki Golfhall
Karelia Golf offers two choices in sports afternoon.
1) Golf simulator (2-4 people per group, 2 hours between 12pm-16pm), costs 40€
2) Getting to know golf / practising 12pm-14pm, costs 10€
Registration: Toni Laakkonen, p.0400259944, junioripaallikko@kareliagolf.fi
Address: Lähteläntie (behind the Joensuu Kuntokeidas)
More information

Guided curling
Time: 12-13.30, 13.40-15.10 or15.20-16.10. (three different groups!)
Place: Curling hall, Linnunlahdentie 14
Cost: 5 e /1,5 h. (pay at Curling hall)
Registration time: 29.1. at 10 am – 9.2. at 12noon
Registration form

Group exercise marathon
Place: Länsikatu school
Address: Tulliportinkatu 1
Cost: free


klo 14.15-15 Sykettä fitness class (Henna) Own fitness mat!
klo 15-15.45 Workout dance (Helinä)
klo 15.45-16.30 Circuit (Mari) Own fitness mat!
klo 16.30-17.30 Body conditioning (Jenni) Own fitness mat!
klo 17.30-18 Interval (Henri)

Horse Riding Lessons (Joensuun Ratsastusopisto)
Time: 12noon – 5pm
Place: Joensuun Ratsastusopisto,
Address: Kuurna-Kulhontie 93, 80910 KULHO (10km from Joensuu)
Cost: 25€
Registration by 11.2. tel. 013 824 570 (from Monday to Friday between 3pm-7pm)

Horse Riding Lessons (Utran talli)
Time: 12noon – 3pm
Place: Utran talli
Address: Kiviniementie 7, 80170 Joensuu
Cost: 25€
Spaces available: 6 persons per group
Registration: by 11.2. tel. 050 495 5148 / Paula

Ice hockey
Time: at 1-3pm
Place: Louhela I-II rinks (next to Tiedepuisto)
Registration: –
Equipment: Own stick and skates

Time: 12pm – 2pm
Place: Karting Center Joensuu
Address: Sortavalankatu 2C, 80100 Joensuu
Cost: 10€ / 10min (to be paid at Karting Center, after registration)
Registration form (open between 29.1. at 10am – 9.2. at 12noon)

Kuntokeidas sports activities
Time: Between 12-16
What included: Bowling, tennis, squash, badminton, billiard, gym, table tennis, wall climbing, bouldering
Registration:  No needed
Spaces available: –
Cost: 8 € (You can test as many activities you want). In addition, wall climbing shoes 1 €, bat/racket 1 € 
More information: http://www.joensuunkuntokeidas.fi/fi/, p. 013 126 558 

Outdoor floorball tournament called “Tossupallo” (org. by Liikuntakerho)
Time: 12noon-5pm
Place: Next to Ice stadium
Cost: Free
Team registration: Between 29.1. at 10 am – 9.2. at 12noon at ISYY or POKA office
Max for 12 teams.

Sledding (org. by KaLKe)
Sledding behind ev. lut. church at 3pm-. Take your own sledge or coaster. You can also borrow one on the spot. Welcome!

Snow football (org. by KaLKe)
Time: 1pm-
Place: Behind ev. lut. church
Cost: Free
Team registration: Between 29.1. at 10 am – 9.2. at 12noon at ISYY or POKA office
Max for 8 teams. Each team should include at least 5 players. Game time 2 x 10 min. 5 min break between matches. Each team should referee at least one game. 

Joensuu’s best trampolines, a foam pool and fun game activities give you a fun sports day.
Time: Between 12pm-8pm
Cost: 10€ (normal 17€)
Registration: no needed
Address: Raatekankaantie 4, 80100 Joensuu
More information: www.superpark.fi/park/joensuu

Time: 12noon-5pm
Place: Vesikko swimming hall
Cost: Free
Registration: Between 29.1. at 10am – 9.2. at 12noon
50 tickets for students, 50 tickets for staff. Gym included.
Student card or staff card needed!
Registration form (open between 29.1. at 10am – 9.2. at 12noon)

Trip to Kuhasalo
Time: Start at 1pm at Kuhasalo (see map)
Place: Kuhasalo
Kalmonkatiska s reserved for Sports Afternoon participants between 1-4pm.
No registration, free of charge. Take your own packed lunch!
More infromation: Niklas Leinonen, niklas.leinonen@isyy.fi

Trip to Koli National Park
Bus ticket: 10 e (pay before 9.2.)
Slope ticket: 28 e (If you have a Keycard = 22 e) (pay before 8.2.)
Skis/Snowboard: 22 e (pay before 8.2.)
Snowshoes:  10 e per 1-3 hours (pay before 8.2.)
Registration: ISYY or POKA office. Pay when registrating.

Koli relax spa tickets  26 €, incl. bath pail (Pay at Koli).

Bus 1 (for downhill skiing):
Departure at 10.00 from Carelia
Departure from Ukko-Koli ski centre at 17.00

Bus 2 (for guided snowshoeing by Joensuun latu, for hiking, snowshoeing):
Departure at 11.00 from Carelia
Departure from Koli National park at 16.00

Bus 3 (for hiking, snowshoeing):
Departure at 12.00 from Wärtsilä building
Departure from Koli National park at 16.30

Guided Downhill skiing at Koli
Only for Bus 1 members!
Time: 12pm – 1.30pm
Spaces available: 10
More information: hyvinvointisuunnittelija@pokapoka.fi and 0503539857.
Registration at ISYY or POKA office

Guided snowshoeing trip at Koli (org. by Joensuun latu) | Sold out!
Only for Bus 2 members!
Time: 3 hours (starting time at 12noon)
Spaces available: 20
Price: 10 € (includes instructing and snowshoes)
Instructing language: finnish and english
Registration at ISYY or POKA office between 29.1. at 10am – 9.2. at 12noon. Tell your shoe size when registering.
Equipment: Sturdy shoes, warm clothes, warm gloves, warm drink and packed lunch

Free volleyball turn at Tulliportinkatu school’s sports hall at 2.30-4pm. No need to register. NB! No instructor!

Wake4break (fatbike, cable track etc).
Come to test snowkiting, cable track and fatbike cycling
Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Place: Linnunlahti beach
Max 20 places!
Cost: 10€ (you can choose 2 species!) To be paid at Linnunlahti beach!
Registration form (open between 29.1. at 10am – 9.2. at 12noon)
More information: https://www.facebook.com/wake4break/


Sports Afternoon Afterparty at 22–04 (org. by ISYY)

Facebook event

Price 5 € + cloakroom fee 3 €. Tickets are sold at ISYY and POKA offices and at campuses:

9.2. at 11-13 Carelia’s hall
12.2. at 11-13 Wärtsilä-building’s hall

Pre tickets are sold with the badge (limited number!!).