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Mobile key of Portti54

Kirjoitettu: 8.12.2022 09:28

A mobile key is used for the access to the new gym Portti54, if the user does not have a UEF physical electronic key (students and staff of Karelia and UEF students who do not have an electronic key to the library). Here are the instructions for using the mobile key:

1. When the user has been activated as a Smart Key user, a text message will be sent from Stanley to the user’s phone with a link to download the application and an encryption key.
2. The application is installed from the link that takes you to the application store.
3. Next, download the encryption key to the phone. Open the text message you received and the second link will take you to the key download. The phone may suggest options to open the link, then select Smart Key for Timecon.
4. When the encryption key is successfully downloaded, the program will open. There aren’t any doors in the view yet, but they only appear when the user goes near the Smart Key lock of the gym door with their phone.

Application form of the access right