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Sports Afternoon 13.2.2024

Sports afternoon schedule

The spring Sports afternoon will be held in Joensuu on Tuesday 13.2.2024.

The University of Eastern Finland and the Karelia University of Applied Sciences hold a sports afternoon together. By the decision of the university rectors, the sports afternoons are lecture-free from 12:15 pm. On sports afternoon, in addition to the normal SYKETTÄ sports services, a wide variety of different exercise options are available for students and staff members. Some activities include a separate fee and a limited number of participants are accepted, so it is recommended to enroll on the activities in good time!

Please note that changes are possible!

The program will be published on Tuesday 23.1.2024. Program is updated until 31.1.2024. Enrollment times are event-specific. Enrollments via SYKETTÄ sports calendar start one week before the event, on Tuesday 6.2.2024.

NB! All sports classes at SYKETTÄ sports calendar on 13.2. are also included in Sports afternoon. You can participate in all Sports afternoon activities without a valid SYKETTÄ sticker, but you must register as a user and enroll on classes and turns.

NB! You can’t enroll on classes and turns in the sports calendar via mobile application without a valid SYKETTÄ sticker – if you don’t have a sticker, you have to enroll via SYKETTÄ website!

UPDATED 25.1. at 3:30pm: PTVGYM
UPDATED 30.1. at 12noon: Enrollments start 31.1.
UPDATED 30.1. at 4pm: Added Curling, Downhill skiing and snowboarding at Mustavaara, Escape Rooms (Pakotarinat), Golf, Megazone (Laser tag), Rugby, Swimming
UPDATED 31.1. at 10am: Updated links to kide.app, Rugby, Sports Afternoon afterparty
UPDATED 31.1. at 12:30noon: Trip to Koli information
UPDATED 31.1. at 2:30pm: Added Botania & Snooker
UPDATED 31.1. at 4:30pm: Added Escape Rooms (Pakotarinat) information
UPDATED: 2.2. at 9am: Added wall climbing at OTE
UPDATED 6.2. at 00:11am: Added Horse riding
UPDATED 6.2. at 11:25am: Added Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (organized by Bujinkan Shinden Dojo Joensuu)
UPDATED 8.2. at 12noon: Added information to Botania


Botania – a place where nature meets art, and you meet each other. Botania is a former botanical garden, nowadays it is an event garden based in Joensuu, Finland. Our premises consist of over 1000 m2 inner garden with over 700 unique plants, outer garden of a magical winter wonderland where stands a life-sized blue whale sculpture made entirely of snow, called Snow Whale.

Time: 3pm-10pm

Price: 10 € (pay at Botania)

Place: Botania (Heinäpurontie 70)

Read more: Botania.fi and follow us on Instagram

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (organized by Bujinkan Shinden Dojo Joensuu)

Welcome to Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu weapon’s class!

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a Japanese martial art, which roots are in nine old Japanese martial arts schools. In Bujinkan we practice unarmed combat and also how to use a variety of different traditional Japanese weapons. More information about Bujinkan and our Dojo’s activities you can find from our website www.shindenjoensuu.net and www.shinden.fi

Bujinkan is suitable for people in different shapes and sizes and you don’t need previous experience from other martial arts.

In this sports afternoon practice you’ll get to try how to handle a wooden sword called bokken. We have wooden weapons and also soft weapons. You can get the training equipment from the club for the duration of the training.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable to exercise on. Also bring a drinking bottle. We will practice with our socks on, so you don’t need indoor shoes with you!

Anything in your mind? Send us an email at bujinkanjoensuu@gmail.com

Time: Tue 13.2. at 14:15-15:15 (max. 8 participants) Enrollment via SYKETTÄ sports calendar

Location: Urheilutalo, Koskikatu 12, 80100 Joensuu. 2nd floor tatami 1. Entrance to the tatamis are from the side door at Siltakatu side. We’re at the doors to guide you!

Cosmic bowling and billiards

Sports Afternoon at Cosmic!

Bowling 5€/1h/person (includes shoes) ja billiard 10€/table/1h.

Cosmic is open from 12noon to 10pm.

More information and booking: http://www.cosmicjoensuu.fi/
Address: Yläsatamakatu 5

Curling (organized by Joensuu Curling)

Joensuu’s curling ry is once again participating in the SYKETTÄ Sports afternoon with instructed curling. Price 10€/person (payment at curling hall with exact change in cash or card payment). Bring warm sports clothes, indoor game shoes and your own drinking bottle. Enrollment on the try out from 6.2. via SYKETTÄ sports calendar.

Schedule of the turn (max. 16 people / turn):
At 1pm-2:30pm: Enrolling via SYKETTÄ calendar

Address: Linnunlahdentie 14, in the same yard as Kuntokeidas, on the corner of the dog park.

Darts @Cosmic Joensuu

Welcome to play the best version of dart-throwing games! Darts is a competitive sport of dart-throwing in which two or more players bare-handedly throw small sharp-pointed missiles known as darts at a round target known as a dartboard. Darts is both a professional shooting sport and a traditional pub game. It is commonly played in the United Kingdom, and recreationally enjoyed around the world.

Instructor will help you during the Darts on Sports Afternoon!

Location: Cosmic Joensuu (Yläsatamakatu 5)
Time: 6pm-7pm

Enrollment via SYKETTÄ sports calendar

Downhill skiing and snowboarding at Mustavaara

Welcome to Mustavaara on Sports Afternoon at 12 noon to 4 pm!

The diverse and family-friendly slopes of Mustavaara offer great skiing opportunities for skiers of all levels. The slopes are about half an hour drive from the center of Joensuu. There are also two warm huts, a rental shop and cafeteria.

Tickets and rental equipment are paid at Mustavaara. Mustavaara uses a SKIDATA port system with Skidata’s own rechargeable KeyCards. If you do not have a SKIDATA KeyCard, the price of a KeyCard is 5€.

Address: Selkientie 69, 82110 Heinävaara

NB: We do not arrange a collective transportation to Mustavaara!

Read more about Mustavaara

Enrolling via SYKETTÄ sports calendar

Escape Rooms (organized by Huonepakopeli)

On the sports afternoon, you have a chance to try the popular room escape games for a special price of 17 €/person. You have 60 minutes to escape the locked room by combining clues, solving riddles and using logic.

More detailed descriptions of the games can be found on Huonepakopeli’s website

Magic school (Huonepakopeli, Iso myy)
At 12:15pm, at 1:45pm and at 3:15pm

Abyss (Huonepakopeli Iso myy)
At 12:30pm, at 2pm and at 3:30pm

Nuclear power station (NB! At the address Koulukatu 47a, 80100 Joensuu)
At 12:15pm and at 2:30pm

Enrollments and payment via Kide.app (open 31.1. at 10am – 11.2. at 11:55pm)

Escape Rooms (organized by Pakotarinat)

On the sports afternoon, you have a chance to try the popular room escape games for a special price of 17 €/person. You have 60 minutes to escape the locked room by combining clues, solving riddles and using logic.

More detailed descriptions of the games can be found on Pakotarinat’s website

Secrets of the Past (Pakotarinat, Teollisuuskatu 11 B)
At 12 noon, at 12.30 noon and at 3.00pm (Group size 2-6)

Witch of the Enchanted Forest (Pakotarinat, Teollisuuskatu 11 B)
At 1.00pm, and at 3:30pm (Group size 2-5)

Enrollments and payment via Kide.app (open until 11.2. at 11:55pm)

Golf at Mehtimäki Golf Hall (Organized by Karelia Golf)

Karelia Golf offers on sports afternoon:

1) Games with a golf simulator (2-4 people per group, 3 hours between 1pm-4pm), price 40€ or 2 hours price 30€

2) Personal golf instruction / times between 12:30noon-4pm, price 20€
– 30 minutes personal instruction
– In total 7 times to for selection
– Enroll by contacting Toni

Address: Lähteläntie (behind the Joensuu Kuntokeidas)
Enrollment: Toni Laakkonen, p. +358 40 0259944, toni.laakkonen@kareliagolf.fi

Horse Riding Classes (Joensuun Ratsastusopisto)

Enrollments by 11.2.2024 by phone or text message to number +358 50 5742892/Reetta. Price is 30€/class. Cancellations by phone to the same number. If you cannot participate, the enrollment must be canceled by Monday 12.2.2024 at 4pm. Cancellation places can still be asked on Monday 12.2.2024.

NB! There WON’T BE a common lift to the place so you should arrange your own lift before booking a class.

Horse riding groups on the hour:
At 12noon-1pm
At 1pm-2pm
At 2pm-3pm
At 3pm-4pm
At 4pm-5pm

Address: Kuurna-Kulhontie 93, 80910 Kulho


Laser fighting game (organized by Huonepakopeli)

Our laser battle game offers a unique opportunity to experience adrenaline-filled battle moments. Grab your laser gun and dive into an exciting and fast-paced game where you have to be witty and tactical to defeat your opponents.

Number of people: 4-10 people
Address: Koulukatu 47a
Price: 17 €/person
Games (60 minutes) at 1:15pm (be there at 1pm) and at 3:30pm (be there at 3:15pm)

Enrollments and payment via Kide.app (open 31.1. at 10am – 11.2. at 11:55pm)

Megazone Laser Tag Game (organized by Megazone Joensuu)

Megazone Laser Tag Game at Sports Afternoon! Laser tag is played in a dimly lit, fog-filled, multi-level arena where players are provided with high tech vests and awesome but harmless laser guns. Players then try to score points by deactivating other players’ vests and destroying their bases.
Megazone special offer for Sports Afternoon 14€/person. Two game sessions register via SYKETTÄ Sports Calendar. Pay at Megazone.

At 1pm-2pm: Enrolling via SYKETTÄ calendar

At 2pm-3pm: Enrolling via SYKETTÄ calendar

Address: Sortavalankatu 2, 80100 Joensuu
Read more at the homepage: https://megazone.fi/joensuu/in-english/

Open Day at Portti54

Welcome to visit the new gym Portti54! Open day at Portti54 on Sports afternoon at 10am-4pm.

Address: Tulliportinkatu 54
Nuorisoverstas and Combat Heaven are located in the same building. Access to the gym is from the right side of the building


All UEF and Karelia UAS students and staff members can work out free of charge at PTV Gym (Teollisuuskatu 5-7) on Sports afternoon on 13.2.2024. Please inform the gym on arrival which university you are coming from. Access on Sports Afternoon via code: *24559#

Rugby (organized by Karjalan Rugby)

Do you want to experience the excitement of a new sport with friends? Join us in the sports afternoon free rugby try-out! This is your perfect opportunity to try rugby and maybe even find a new hobby. Try-out is free of charge and you need only excited attitude and running- or turf-shoes and indoor sports clothes. Welcome!

Time: 13.2. at 7:45pm
Location: Joensuu Areena lobby, Mehtimäenaukio 2
Equipmentt: Indoor sports clothes, running- or turf-shoes

Enrollments via this form (Google Forms)

Snooker (organized by Joensuu Snooker Alliance)

Joensuu Snooker Alliance was founded in 2010 and the club is located at Pilkontie 4. There are five competitive snooker tables. On the sports afternoon, max. 20 participants can try out snooker. No previous experience is required. You can get instruction on both snooker rules and stroke technique. Equipment for playing can be found at the club. You can move in the club with socks or indoor shoes. In addition to Finnish, instruction can also be given in English. The price of the sports try out is 5€ and it is paid in cash in the club. Welcome!

Time: 2pm-4pm
Address: Pilkontie 4
More information: Arttu Pietilä, tel. +358 50 5559173

Enrollment via SYKETTÄ sports calendar

SYKETTÄ physical activity tests

SYKETTÄ will organize the physical activity tests in cooperation with Sports Institute of Eastern Finland (ISLO), Pohjois-Karjalan Liikunta ry (Pokali, sports and exercise expert organization of Eastern Finland) and learning and service environment Tarmo of Karelia UAS on sports afternoon 13.2.2024. The physical activity tests have two different test sets, from which you can choose the option that suits you: the low intensity tests and the active exerciser tests.

Low intensity tests
Low intensity tests include:
– Hand grip
– Waist circumference
– Inbody body composition measurement
– Endurance fitness assessment with Polar measuring devices
– Group feedback

To whom are low intensity tests suitable for? To you who
– Prefer to do sports on the couch than on the running track
– Want reliable information about your physical condition without significant effort

Duration of testing about 1h
– Low intensity tests are held between 12:30pm and 4pm, from which you can choose a time that suits you
– 8 groups, 8 places / group

Enrollment is open until Friday 9.2.2024 at 11:55am

Enrollment form opens on 30.1. at 12noon

Active exerciser tests
Active exerciser tests include:
– Standing long jump
– Sit-up
– Push-up
– Cooper or UKK 2 km walk test
+ Inbody (booked individually for a different day after the test)

To whom are active exerciser tests suitable for? To you who
– Spend more time in the gym or on the running track than on Netflix
– Want to sweat, try hard and make the most of your body at one go

Duration of testing about 1,5h
– Active exerciser tests start at 1pm and at 2:30pm, from which you can choose a time that suits you
– 2 groups, 20 places / group

Enrollment is open until Friday 9.2.2024 at 11:55am

Enrollment form opens on 30.1. at 12noon

Trip to Koli National Park

Bus ticket: 10 €, limited spaces, nonrefundable
Registration: Via Kide.app until 11.2. at 23:55, pay when registering.

Bus 1 is aimed for downhill skiers:

Bus 2 is aimed for other activities at Koli:

Bus 1 | Total length 6 h
at 12:00 Departure from front of Carelia (Yliopistokatu 2)
at 13:00 Arriving in Koli slopes(Rantatie (Koli) 29, 83960 Lieksa)
at 17:00 Departure from Koli slopes (Rantatie (Koli) 29, 83960 Lieksa)
at 18:00 Arriving in Joensuu (Yliopistokatu 2)

Bus 2 | Total length 5 h
at 12:30 Departure from front of Carelia (Yliopistokatu 2)
at 13:30 Arriving in Koli national park (Ylä-kolintie 39, 83960 Koli)
at 16:30 Departure from Koli National park (Ylä-kolintie 39, 83960 Koli)
at 17:30 Arriving in Joensuu (Yliopistokatu 2)

Enrolling via Kide.app (open 31.1. klo 12 – 11.2. klo 23:55)


Swimming at swimming hall Vesikko on Sports afternoon at 12noon-4pm
Swimming in Vesikko costs 4,60 €/person. Payment at the info of the swimming hall. Show your student card at the info or say you are a UEF or Karelia UAS staff member.
Address: Uimarintie 1

Enrollment via SYKETTÄ sports calendar

Underwater Rugby (organized by Joensuun Urheilusukeltajat ry)

Welcome to try Underwater rugby!

Joensuun Urheilusukeltajat organizes a beginner introduction in Underwater rugby. Participants need to be able to swim 200m without rest and know how to dive to at least 2m deep and be at least 13 years of age. For the course you need to bring your own swimming suit. You also need basic diving gear, the need for these you can indicate in the question form below. Besides the introduction there are free coached training sessions on Saturdays for free during the spring.

Where: Joensuu vesikko (Uimarintie 1)
When: February 17th saturday (16.00-17.40 o’clock)

Let’s meet in the lobby, and head then to the pool. In the beginning, we shall go through the rules and share the spare equipment.

Enrolling via Google Forms

Wall climbing (organized by Ote Climbing Center)

Ote Climbing Center offers one time climbing with a student card for 10€ (normally 14,10€), and staff card for 13€ (normally 16€) including rental shoes.

The climbing centre is open on Sports afternoon at 12noon-9pm.

More information: Ote-Kiipeilykeskus

Address: Pilkontie 7

Sports afternoon after party (Organized by ISYY)

The Sports Afternoon will be held on 13.2.2024 in the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Sports Afternoon will offer a diverse selection of different sports activities all around Joensuu to participate in.

After the day programme, it is good time to go to the legendary Sports Afternoon After Party! On this time, will have a proper after ski theme that will include:

🥤Beer Pong preparty at Bar Play starts at 8pm
🏆 Competitions (winners will be rewarded)
😸 Best costume competition (winner will be rewarded!)
🎤 🎶 Music by Pasi ja Anssi

Ticket price 3 € + cloakroom fee. Pre tickets (limited number!!) include a special Sports Afternoon badge (choose your own). Badges are given in Bepop for those who have bought a pre ticket.

WHAT? Sports Afternoon Afterparty
WHERE? Bepop Joensuu
WHEN? 21.2. at 22:00
PRICE? 3 € + cloakroom fee
HOW TO DRESS? After ski -theme + overalls (not necessary!). Best costume will be rewarded!!

Enrollments and payment via Kide.app (open 31.1. at 10am – 11.2. at 11:55pm)