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Sports afternoon program on Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 is cancelled

Kirjoitettu: 6.10.2020 12:33

Sports afternoon program has been canceled on Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

By the decision of the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Sports afternoon program has been canceled on Wednesday, October 7th, 2020. The reason for the cancellation is the rapid progression of the corona epidemic and the consequent increase in the risk of infection.

Wednesday 7.10.2020 is still free from teaching after 12 noon, so we encourage everyone to move independently and at their own risk, taking safety issues into account.

For more information on the decision, please contact:

University of Eastern Finland
Director of administration Tuomo Meriläinen
p. 040 355 2299

Karelia University of Applied Sciences:
President Petri Raivo
p. 050 310 9749

Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Communications Manager Petteri Alanko


For more information for cancellation policies, please contact:

Joensuu SYKETTÄ  Sports services:

Service planner Niklas Leinonen
p. 044-576 8418

University Sports coordinator Heli Aalto
p. 044 -576 8445


Kuopio SYKETTÄ  Sports services:

University Sports coordinator Paula Ruokonen
p. 044 785 5087

University Sports coordinator Sirpa Risto
p. 044 576 8446