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Portti54 gym rules

By arriving to train at our gym, you agree to follow the attached rules. The rules are to guarantee everyone’s safety and comfort, and everyone working out at the gym must read them and, without exception, also follow them. It’s nice and safe to go to the gym when everyone plays by the same rules.

All gym goers must have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker!

1. Clean up after yourself and treat the equipment and machines well

You can and should sweat in the gym, but always wipe the equipment and the machines after use. Also take the plates, bars and other equipment to their place, so that the next person can find them, and of course put the garbage in the garbage. Plates must not be left on equipment and bars. Plates should ALWAYS be returned in pairs, i.e. both plates of the same pair of plate weights are located in the same place. It’s really frustrating to hunt around the gym for another pair of plates.

Equipment and tools must be treated with care. Breakages caused by intentional negligence will be billed to the person who caused the damage. The so-called dribble is not allowed on equipment or free weights. If you need to drop free weights, the gym has thick mattresses for that. Dribbling on the bare floor without the aforementioned mattresses is prohibited.

If the machine or equipment breaks down, it must be reported to the SYKETTÄ staff immediately. It is a good idea to put a note on the broken machine to warn others, and the broken equipment can be put aside in e.g. the hallway or the kitchen.

2. Use appropriate clothing and shoes

You may not enter the gym in outdoor shoes, but take them off in the hallway and leave them on the shoe racks or take them with you to the locker room or storage lockers. We recommend using indoor shoes intended for gym training.

3. Be aware of other trainers

It is polite to say hello. You can chat and it’s even recommended, as long as you remember to give others peace of mind and not interrupt others’ training. However, very loud conversations and talking on the phone should be handled elsewhere than on the gym. Do not cause dangerous situations by walking too close to the person doing the training, he/she may not notice you. Now, if someone happens to make deadlifts on your route, you can wait a while or go around another way.

The volume of music devices should be kept at such a level that you do not disturb others.

4. Do not reserve equipment or machines

Between sets, it’s good to get off the machine and give others the opportunity to do their own set with a break. Disassemble the barbell if you are not going to use it for a while, and don’t reserve weights or exercise positions for yourself if you are not going to use them right away. If someone asks if they can do it in between, it’s polite to agree.

5. Choose the training place according to the training

Don’t waste your training space on something you don’t necessarily need it for. For example, stretching is done in a room intended for stretching, not under a squat rack. Please also note that when you are doing it, block the passage of others to e.g. the dumbbell racks.

6. Use of magnesium

Powdered magnesium makes a mess, and it is difficult to clean if from the rubber mat. However, if its use is an absolute requirement for you, it should be used wisely so as not to mess up equipment, plates, floors, walls and other people’s clothes. Liquid magnesium doesn’t mess up so easily, but it’s also not allowed to pour it on the floors. If magnesium stains start to be found here and there, its use will be completely prohibited, so you can influence the matter yourself with your own actions.

7. Eating and drinking in the gym

There is a kitchen in the gym where you can eat and make coffee. The training area is not intended for eating. Clean always your own messes and wash your dishes or put them to the dishwasher.  If you drink something other than water during the workout, make sure you won’t splash the drink around (of course you shouldn’t splash water either). If damage happens, you should clean up the mess yourself immediately before it gets sticky everywhere.