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Wolf Pack

What Is the Wolf Pack?

The Wolf Pack is a select group of SYKETTÄ users, who introduce users to the sports services and share their experiences as SYKETTÄ users. Members of the Wolf Pack try out SYKETTÄ services and make posts of their experiences on the SYKETTÄ Instagram account. The idea is to familiarise users with the variety of sports available at SYKETTÄ, and to lower the threshold of participating in instructed classes. Go to SYKETTÄ Instagram to meet the Wolf Pack and check out their exercise stories.

Would You Like to Join the Wolf Pack?

At the start of each academic year, SYKETTÄ seeks new members to join the Wolf Pack. If you are eager to try out SYKETTÄ services and would like to share your experiences on the SYKETTÄ Instagram account, send an email to liikuntasuunnittelija@pokapoka.fi.

Get to Know the Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack members in the academic year 2022-2023:

Hello! I am Tiia and I have been in the Wolf Pack for several years. I work in the Martha Organization of North Karelia, so I have already graduated as a home economics teacher. My exercise background is in the circus, but nowadays I like different muscle tone and body conditioning classes. The challenge for me is all the dance classes as well as the ball sports, so this autumn I’m going to challenge myself to these. In addition to the Wolf Pack, you can find me instructing acrobatics on Thursdays.




Hi! I am Susanna aka Suski, and have been part of the Wolf Pack for several years. I study social policy and the pedagogical studies of an adult teacher. Over the past year, the exercise has been outdoors or on stream classes due to the circumstances, so getting into group exercise classes is great! I especially look forward to dance classes. This autumn, I thought I’d challenge myself with ball games or agility-demanding exercise. See you in group exercises classes!



Hi! I’m Minerva and I’m one of the new members of the Wolf Pack! I started to study biology in Joensuu Campus in autumn and I’m originally from Tampere. I’ve always enjoyed exercise and I’ve had various hobbies during the years such as group gymnastics and football. Before I started my studies here I used to go to gym and take part at the groud exercise classes every now and then. Now I really look forward to upcoming sports and activities! And of course telling you about my experiences!