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Joensuu Areena


Joensuu Areena is located in the address Mehtimäenaukio 2, 80110 Joensuu. Entrance to the sports facilities is located on the right side of the main lobby, at the end of the long hallway and through the underpass. Changing rooms for men and women are also located in the hallway.

Door code is required to access Joensuu Areena. The code is placed in the reader at the door of the hallway leading to the changing rooms. The codes can be found in the event descriptions of the sports calendar. Users of the Joensuu Areena gym should request the code separately from SYKETTÄ staff.

Basic Information

Joensuu Areena is a multi-purpose building owned by the City of Joensuu. The field is divided into athletics and ball sports sections. The running tracks are made with Mondo coating, while the field is covered with a Pulastic elastic surface. Either a parquet floor or an artificial turf is set up on the field, depending on the season and events.

Sports Use

SYKETTÄ users may use the Joensuu Areena facilities (excluding the climbing wall) when they are not reserved. Visit Tilava Joensuu to view the Areena reservation calendar (in Finnish only). The City of Joensuu rules for sports facilities (in Finnish only) apply at the Areena.

Opening Hours

See the up-to-date opening hours for Joensuu Areena here.