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SYKETTÄ app is here!

Kirjoitettu: 28.8.2017 10:31

Why an app?

Mobile application is the present day! It’s a little impractical to scroll the wide supply of SYKETTÄ sports calendar with a browser of your phone and it may take a longer amount of time to load the pages if you have a slow Internet access. Mobile application makes the signing up and the control of your registrations easy and fast. In addition there’s a mobile sticker in the application which you can use instead or beside a regular sticker which is attached onto a card. Therefore also the online shopping becomes handier as you may not need to get the sticker from an office. The registration of new users has been renewed along an introduction of the app in the way that you can only register with an e-mail of university. This guarantees that everyone who uses the app is a student or an employee in university.

The app is free to use and available for Android devices. You can download the app from Google Play store. An iOS version of the app is aimed to be published in the beginning of 2018.

Features of the app

1 – Sports calendar

Scrolling of the calendar works intuitively by scrolling your screen down, up and horizontally. Try also the filters with which you can look for only certain sorts of sports events! By touching the symbol in the right lower corner  you can bring forth your mobile sticker.

2 – Own calendar

Check quickly which sessions and classes you have signed up for. Cancelling happens also easily through the own calendar if you don’t happen to make it for a session. If you have signed up for a session, the app will send you a reminder message three hours before it starts.

3 – Info and news

Here you can find the most important information concerning the purchase of the sticker and its period of validity of the present year and also the feed of SYKETTÄ Facebook Page.

4 – Own sticker

You can present the mobile sticker always when somebody asks you to show your SYKETTÄ sticker. Even so, please be prepared to proof your identity to the sticker inspector for example by showing your student card if needed.