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The Sports Afternoon 7.10.2020 is cancelled

Kirjoitettu: 15.9.2020 15:18

The Sports Afternoon is a biannual event organised by ISYY, POKA and SYKETTÄ sports services. You can participate if you are student or staff person of UEF or Karelia UAS. The purpose of the Sports Afternoon is to give our students and staff an opportunity to try new sports for a very affordable price (or for free) and to get everyone moving at least for one afternoon per semester. There will be no teaching after 12.15pm so everyone is able to take part – and we recommend you do! There is a great choice of activities, the list of which is below. Once you have chosen what you would like to do, please remember to book yourself a place (instructions on how to book next to each activity description). We recommend you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment – these activities tend to fill up fast.

Members of ISYY have valid accident insurance via OLL during some of the Sports Afternoon events.
Read more about the terms of insurance at OLL homepage (only in Finnish). For questions related to insurance contact vapaa-aika@isyy.fi.

NB! All sports classes at SYKETTÄ sports calendar on 7.10. are also included in Sports Afternoon. You can participate in all Sports Afternoon activities also without SYKETTÄ sticker!

For activities in the SYKETTÄ calendar enrolling start exactly one week before the event.

Remember that changes are possible due to number of participant or covid-19 situation.
Cancelling your enrollment is possible until Tuesday 6.10. with events that include fees the transaction charges are not returned.

Participants will receive a updated safety practices via email on Monday 5.10.

UPDATED (22.9. at 7 pm) – Added links for enrolling to activities via 23.9. Kide.App
UPDATED (23.9. at 9:30 am) – Registration starts at 12 noon, Added Swimming
UPDATED (28.9. at 10:10 am) – Added link for Opintotukikoris
UPDATED (30.9. at 00 am) – Added events to SYKETTÄ calendar, added Swimming at Rantakylä, Virtual Run and Disc Golf
UPDATED (30.9. at 10 am) – Added information about OLL insurance
UPDATED (1.10. at 8 am) –
Cancelled 3-4 pm SYKETTÄ Group exercise marathon

Instructions will be added to each activity during 6.10.


Archery (org. Joutsi)

Time: 12.30-13-30, 14-15  (two different groups)
Place: Noljakka indoor track (Noljakankaari 1)
Price: 8 €, pay when registering
Max 5 persons per group.
Registration starts 23.9.

Sign up at Joutsi ry’s website (only in finnish)

Event is organised by Joutsi, if you wish not to participate remember to cancel your enrollment.


Curling guided (org. Joensuun Curling)

Sports Afternoons guided Curling groups at 12.15-13.45, 14-15.30 and 15.45-17.15 at Curling hall (Linnunlahdentie 14).
Max size of the group is 10. Hand sanitizer and soap is available at the Curling hall.

Time: 12.15-13.45, 14-15.30 or 15.45-17.15 (three groups)
Place: Curling hall, Linnunlahdentie 14
Cost: 5€ /1,5 h. (pay at Curling hall)

Registration via Kide.App (23.9.-4.10.)

Event is organised by Joensuu Curling, if you wish not to participate remember to cancel your enrollment.


Disc golf

Enjoy the autumn outdoors!
Disc golf is cheap and easy to learn (hard to master) outdoor sport.

Book Disc golf set enroll via SYKETTÄ calendar to make the booking.
Set includes 3 discs (putter, mid range and driver).

Disc set can be picked up from the ISYY office at Haltia between 5.-7.10.
ISYY office is open on Monday (5.10.) and Tuesday (6.10.) from 10am to 3pm
and on Wednesday (7.10.) from 10am to 12noon.

What is Disc golf, read more:

Discs can be borrowed 


Escape Room (org. Huonepakopeli) CANCELLED

Time: 1 hour between (schedule is added later).
Room themes are added later.
Place: Escape Room Joensuu (Kauppakatu 28, 80100 Joensuu)
Cost: 15 € pay when enrolling (23.9.-4.10.)

Spaces available: 4-8 per group
NB! You can’t use toilet while the game is on.
More information: www.huonepakopeli.fi/ (only in finnish!)

Registration via Kide.App (23.9.-4.10.)


Escape Room (org. Pakotarinat) CANCELLED

Time: 1 hour between 11am – 5pm Two different theme rooms (“Mr. Smith’s secret laboratory” and “Pirate ship”)
and a new installment the Virtual Reality room.
Place: Pakotarinat (Torikatu 19)
Cost: 15 €/person, VR-room 9€/person
Spaces available: 9 groups (2-8 places per group, 1-3 for VR-room)
NB! You must arrive 10-15 minutes (not over 20 minutes) BEFORE your group will start. You can’t use toilet while the game is on.
More info: pakotarinat.fi/en/escape-room-joensuu/

Registration via Kide.App (23.9.-4.10.)


Finnish baseball CANCELLED

Time: at 1pm-3:30pm
Place: Kerubi Stadion (Uimarintie 3)
Cost: Free (max 26 participants)

Registration via SYKETTÄ calendar between 30.9. at 1pm – 6.10. at 1pm



Football tournament is split to competitive and fun series. Tournaments are free for participants.

Competitive serie

Time: 11am-4pm
Place: Mehtimäki turf
Cost: Free
Spaces available: 8 team (6+1 players will be playing at the same time)

Best teams will be rewarded!

Registration via Kide.App (23.9.-4.10.)

Fun Serie

Koivuniemen kentällä kello 12.30-18.00. Ottelut pelataan puolikkaalla jalkapallokentällä.
Samaan aikaan kentällä 6+1 pelaajaa. Rentosarjassa oltava kentällä koko ajan useampaa sukupuolta. Max. 8 joukkuetta. Parhaat joukkueet palkitaan!

Time: 12.30pm-6pm
Place: Koivuniemi playing field (behind the lutheran church)
Cost: Free
Spaces available: 8 teams (teams must have at least two genders at the field)

Best teams will be rewarded!

Registration via Kide.App (23.9.-4.10.)


Horse Riding Lessons (org. Joensuun Ratsastusopisto)

Time: 12noon – 5pm
Place: Joensuun Ratsastusopisto,
Address: Kuurna-Kulhontie 93, 80910 KULHO (10km from Joensuu)
Cost: 25 €
Registration by 5.10. tel. 013 824 570 (from Monday to Friday between 3pm-7pm)


Kuntokeidas sports activities

Time: Between 12-16
What included: Padel, Ninja track, Bowling, tennis, squash, badminton, billiard, gym, table tennis, wall climbing, bouldering, floorball
Registration:  No needed
Cost: 10 € (You can test as many activities you want, max 1 hour per one activity). In addition, wall climbing shoes 1 €, bat/racket 1 €
20 € Padel + 2 € for padel racket (book the field until 3.10.)
More information: http://www.joensuunkuntokeidas.fi/fi/, p. 013 126 558

Kuntokeidas is open and the special prices apply, if you wish not to participate remember to cancel your enrollment.


Opintotukikoris 2020 – Basketball Tournament (org. Joensuun Liikuntakerho) POSTPONED to November

Student basketball is back!

Opintotukikoris is a street basketball tournament organized exclusively for university students taking place in Joensuu on October 10th, 2020.
The tournament will be played indoors at Tulliportti school (Tulliportinkatu 1, 80130 Joensuu).

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a semi-professional, this tournament is for you.
The games are played 3 versus 3 into one hoop.
The registration fee per team is 15€ (includes 5 fabric overall patches per team).

A team chooses either the Fun Cup (8 teams) or the Competitive Cup (8 teams).

Fun Cup is for players and teams who are looking for a fun enjoyable experience without competitive goals.
Rules are explained in the beginning of the tournament games.

Competitive Cup is for teams that have experienced players, that might have played basketball more than couple of times before, in their roster.

Team enrollment via Kide.App


Paintball (org. Joensuu Paintball)

Time: 1pm-4pm. The game will last 2h-3h.
Place: Paintball Joensuu
Address: Lentoasemantie 10, 80150 Joensuu
Cost: 30 € incl. all equipment and instructing
Registration starts at 23.9. (at 12 noon)
More information: p. 044 343 7671 and Joensuu Paintball website

Registration via Kide.App (23.9.-4.10.)

Participation information has been sent by email.


Step Workout CANCELLED

Step Workout at Laululava’s stairs (next to the racetrack) at 3:45pm-4:45pm.
Max 14 persons. Free!

Enrolling via SYKETTÄ calendar starts 30.9.



Time: 12noon-5pm
Place: Vesikko swimming hall or Rantakylä swimming hall
Cost: Free
Registration: Between 30.9. at 12noon – 6.10. at 12noon
25 tickets for students and 25 tickets for staff on Vesikko and
25 tickets for students and 25 tickets for staff on Rantakylä

Enrolling via SYKETTÄ calendar and in groups (between 30.9. – 6.10.)
Enter the swimming hall during the group time.


SYKETTÄ Exercise Marathon at 12noon-3pm has been changed to live stream

Group Exercise Marathon is held at 12noon-3pm on Google Meet. You can join the live from 11.45am or anytime during the marathon. Live will not be saved. Please note that there is room for 100 attendees in live. So please leave the live if you no longer want to exercise so that everyone who wants to can participate.

at 12-13: Bodyweight Training (instructed by Janica)
at 13-14: HIIT + CORE (instructed by Marianne)
at 14-15: Body Conditioning (instructed by Marianne)

There are two ways to watch live:
a) Via PC without logging in with Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers
b) Via phone you must have a Gmail account and have the latest version of Google Meet app downloaded

Here are the instructions how to participate in live:
1. When you participate in live, switch off your own camera and sounds
2. Click “Pin” in a participant’s thumbnail image to pin them to the top of the list. Choose the instructors live video
3. In the lower-right corner of the Meet screen, click More (tree dots) and click Change layout. We recommend the “Spotlight”
4. You can comment live via the speech bubble at the top of the window
5. Do not push “Start presentation” button in the right corner, as it will cover the image from all participants

Link to live: https://meet.google.com/fbz-icre-ics


Virtual Run (org. Opiskelijakunta POKA)

Student Union POKA’s free time remote activity IntoAfter offers exercise for your afternoon!
Aino from POKA and Riikka from SYKETTÄ takes you on a joint remote jogging. This casual jogging includes warm-up, walking and stretching. Come with us wherever you are! So plan your own route, download Discord to your phone and join a joint remote jogging to spend an exercise afternoon!

POKA’s Discord: Join to POKA’s Discord server
Talk channel: after_work
Time: at 4:30-5:30 pm

Virtual Run is organised normally


Wall climbing (org. by Ote-Kiipeilykeskus)

Time: 12noon-9pm
Place: Kiipeilykeskus Ote (Pilkontie 7)
Cost: 8 € incl. shoes. Please show your student/staff card at the desk.
More information: Ote-Kiipeilykeskus (only in finnish)

Ote is open and the special price are valid.