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SYKETTÄ & Mysteries

13.11.2019 klo 13:44

Have a little bit more exciting Christmas season with escape room games in Mysteeri Kuopio! Option 1) Reserve an escape room for your own group via the web or by phone. The discount is -20% of the total cost on 11.12. !  You must show your SYKETTÄ sticker when you go to play You should arrive 15 minutes before the […]

Give us feedback!

1.11.2019 klo 10:45

We would like to know how the autumn has been for you and if you have any wishes for the spring season. (more…)...

Return the key for Opistotie, if you do not have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker

7.10.2019 klo 13:47

Remember to return your Opistotie key, if you no longer use SYKETTÄ services If you have paid a deposit for the key, you have signed a contract that states: "if you don’t return the key within 30 days after your right to use t...

Autumn vacation 14.10.-20.10.

7.10.2019 klo 12:51

Autumn vacation 14.10.-20.10. The colourful and fresh autumn is here! We will take a little break 14.10.-20.10. and that causes some changes in schedules. The facilities are open as usual, but most of the instructed groups are c...

Opistotie sports facilities_ changes in schedule Fri&Sat, Opistotie closed between 22.9. – 29.9.

10.9.2019 klo 10:37

Opistotie sports hall and gyms are out of use from Sunday 22.9. to Sunday 29.9. due to Savonia's reservation. There is also restrictions in use on Fri&Sat. (more…)...
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