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Get to know Neighbourhood Sports Areas in Kuopio

Have you been searching for a neighbourhood sports area where you could walk on a nature trail, admire the beauty of the view, do some muscle tone exercise, parkour or have a piknik?

We chose six neighbourhood sports areas in Kuopio and made short sneak peak videos about the places. Check out the videos and get inspired to move outside!

SYKETTÄ Kuopio University Sport services was responsible for the production of these videos.
Jimi Viita-Aho filmed and edited the videos – https://jim.bo

Get to know Neighbourhood Sports Areas in Kuopio -Videos have been made with FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) project fund


Nature areas:


Vuorilampi is located near to the Kolmisoppi area and it is a part of the Neulamäki-Vuorilampi nature reserve areas. There are many paths and trails that you can walk on, ski, ride a bicycle and you can also pick berries and mushrooms in the area. There is a campfire place by the Vuorilampi where you can have a cookie break and wonder the beauty of the area.

Vuorilampi, open street map
Vuorilampi campfire place
Video presentation of Vuorilampi

Neulamäki observation tower

Neulamäki observation tower is located in the highest place of the Neulamäki area.

The tower gives visitors amazing birds-eye views over the Kallavesi, Puijo and Kuopio city centre. You can find your way to the tower from Neulamäki nature trail but you can also drive there by car or bicycle.

Address: Taapelitie 16, 70150 Kuopio
Location on a map
Video presentation of Neulamäki observation tower

Pikku Kakkonen Park

Neighbourhood Sports Parks

Pikku Kakkonen Park

You may also know the Pikku Kakkonen park as a Brahenpuisto. The park is located in between the Brahenkatu street and Kuopiolahti area, right by the lake Kallavesi. There is a parkour area in the park where you can jump, hang on the racks or practise tricks. There is also a big grass field in the park that is suitable for hanging out during the hot summer days and go sledging on wintertime. And of course there is a playground for children.

Address: Brahenkatu 3, 70100 Kuopio
Location on a map.
Video presentation of Pikku Kakkonen Park

Wrestler Eino Leino’s park

Wrestler Eino Leino`s park

Wrestler Eino Leino’s park is located at Saaristokaupunki that is about 7 kilometres far away from the city centre. This neighbourhood park is big and suitable for multiple activities. You can run or walk on a running track, practise long jumps or do some muscle tone training on a fitness equipment. Or if you feel like playing a football or basketball this park is just right for you! For children there is a playground.

Address: Matkusniemenkatu 42, 70840 Kuopio
Location on a map
Video presentation of Wrestler Eino Leino“s Park

Kiviniemenranta Park

Kivinemenranta Park is located at Julkula that is about six kilometres from the city centre. This park is well equipped and suitable for all age groups. You can for example play basketball, floorball, volleyball and ice hockey during the wintertime in here, or do parkour or muscle tone exercises. There is also a climbing track that challenges your balance and coordination skills. You“ll also find a accessible swing in here and a playground for children.

Address: Kiviniemenranta, Julkula, 70260 Kuopio
Location on a map
Video presentation of Kiviniemenranta Park

Hapelähti Park

Hapelähti Park is located right next to the city centre and close to the railway and bus station. A stream flows through the park and the milieu is atmospheric and beautiful especially during the summer. The park is perfect for hanging out or having a walk or a run. There is a grass area and sand court for playing petanque or mölkky. You“ll also find a ground for playing basketball or a football field right next to the children’s playground.

Address: Hapelähteenkatu 2, 70100 Kuopio
Location on a map
Video presentation of Hapelähti Park

Other Neighbourhood Parks and Areas in Kuopio

There is many more Neighbourhood Parks and Areas in all over the Kuopio city. Get to know of them all and enjoy the outdoor activities!
More information in Kuopio webpage Liikkuva Kuopio: Local sports area.
Link for a map of local sports areas and playgrounds in Kuopio.