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FAQ – Frequently asked questions


What is SYKETTÄ?

SYKETTÄ Kuopio is the very own sports service for the students and staff of the University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Uniarts in Kuopio. 

Who can use the Sykettä services?

The students and staff members of UEF and Savonia as well as student and staff of Uniarts on Kuopio campus are entitled to use the SYKETTÄ services. Students have to be a graduate students in the aforementioned universities and be registered as attending the ongoing term/academic year. Services may be used until the end of the graduation term. More information in terms of use.

Can a student from another university use SYKETTÄ services?

In Kuopio only students and staff of UEF, Savonia and Uniarts can become users of SYKETTÄ Kuopio sports services. It’s also possible for SYKETTÄ Joensuu members to use our services.  A more detailed listing of the right of use can be found in the terms of use.

What about the students and staff of Savonia Iisalmi and Varkaus?

You can find more information about the sports services of Savonia’s Iisalmi and Varkaus campuses on the syketta.fi homepage by clicking on the name of the city in question. However, if you study or work there but want to exercise in Kuopio, you can register normally on the Kuopio website and pay the Kuopio sports fee.


How do I start using the SYKETTÄ services?

If you are a new user, you must register as a user on our website or the mobile application. After the registration, you can buy a group exercise or ball sports sticker on our online shop, via the mobile application, or at the office of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) and the cafeterias of Student Union SAVOTTA in Savonia’s campus. There are two ways to use a sports sticker: the mobile sticker on the mobile application and/or a physical sports sticker attached to a student card or staff card.

I am doing open university path studies in Savonia, can I join SYKETTÄ?

Yes! Please ask a certificate of the right to study from the student services of Savonia. Take that and an ID card with you to one of our selling points and pay for the sports sticker. 

What do the group exercise and ball sports stickers mean?

If you have the group exercise sticker, you are entitled to use all SYKETTÄ sports services in the sports calendar. If you have the ball sports sticker, you are entitled to use SYKETTÄ sports services excluding instructed group exercise classes. Both stickers are available for the semester or whole academic year.

Can I bring my friends to SYKETTÄ classes?

Only persons who have the SYKETTÄ sticker may use these services. SYKETTÄ services are not for persons who are not currently members of the university community; this includes your family members, other relatives, friends and former co-workers. If a SYKETTÄ user comes to a sports facility with a person who does not have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker, the user shall be banned for 14 days from using SYKETTÄ sports services in accordance with the Terms of Use. 

I want to use sports services in Joensuu as well. How does the cross usage with Joensuu SYKETTÄ services work?

You can use SYKETTÄ Joensuu’s services without extra fees after you have purchased a membership for SYKETTÄ Kuopio. Then you have to do the following: 

Are you from Savonia  Iisalmi or Varkaus campus and want to exercise in Joensuu?

As a Savonia student or staff member, you must first register here on the Kuopio page, pay the Kuopio sports fee, and then request access to Joensuu according to the instructions above.

I’d just like to occasionally use the gym. Do I still need to buy the SYKETTÄ sticker?

The use of all SYKETTÄ services requires a valid SYKETTÄ sticker. You can use the SYKETTÄ gyms by purchasing the ball sports or group exercise sticker.


How do I enroll on a class?

Select the sport event from the sports calendar on the website or mobile application and click the “Enroll” button. Enrollment starts 7 days before the class begins and closes 30 minutes before the start of the sport event. You do not need to enroll for the gyms. 

I can’t enroll on a class anymore because it’s full. What now? 

Some of the group exercise classes get filled up quickly due to their popularity. There are always cancellations, so keep checking the classes during the week prior to the class. Places often become available the night before and the morning of the same day.

Why does the enrolling for the next week’s class starts at the exact same time that current week’s class starts?

Our hope is that our members can try out as many exercise forms and classes as possible. This is one of the basic principles of SYKETTÄ exercise services. In accordance with that, we want the smaller classes to not always have the same group of participants, so that it is possible for new persons to join class if they wish. Therefore, registration for the next week’s class opens at the same time as the current week’s class starts. However, there are almost always cancellations, so you often can join your favorite class every week!

How do I cancel my enrollment?

You cancel your enrollment via the sports calendar. An enrollment must be cancelled no later than four hours before the class starts. Your place is then freed and someone else can attend the class. Enrollment on morning classes starting before 10 am must be cancelled no later than 12 hours before the class starts. A sanction policy is applied in cases of uncancelled enrollments and reservations, as specified in the Terms of Use.

What do I do if I get sick at the last minute and can’t cancel in time?

Contact one the sport coordinators. In cases of illness, we are flexible about the cancellation time of four hours. The coordinators may not read your message in the evening, but if you get a warning from a class due to being ill, they will remove the warning as soon as they receive the message.

I’ve noticed that the number of participants in a class is often fewer than the number of people who enolled. Why does this happen? 

If this is the case, then some people who enrolled on the class decided not to come. If the user have two irrevocable enrollments, they will be banned from enrolling and participating in SYKETTÄ sports services for 7 days. The ban can be removed by paying a 4 € fine at the SYKETTÄ selling points. The number of users is monitored based on the instructor’s announcements from the classe.


I am attendingd a group class for the first time. What should I do?

Sanction practice

You must cancel the enrollment 4 hours before the class. For the morning classes starting before 10 am the cancellation time is 12 hours.
If a SYKETTÄ user does not arrive to the session, and has not cancelled the enrollment, or is late more than 5 minutes, the following sanction policies shall apply:

1st failure to cancel the enrollment in time or being late from the class shall result in the SYKETTÄ user receiving a notification by email;

2nd failure to cancel the enrollment shall result in a 7 day ban from enrolling or participating in SYKETTÄ sports services. The ban may be lifted by paying a fine of €4.


I don’t want to use the SYKETTÄ services anymore. Can I have a refund if I return my sticker?
Once you have purchased a sticker, you cannot return it or get a refund.


Why are the gym opening hours limited? Who decides the opening hours for the sports facilities? 

Studentia and Luola are owned by city of Kuopio and Snellmania is owned by UEF. The owners of the facilities determine the opening hours and other details of how the facilities can be used. 

There are regular turns in the sports calendar. What are these turns and who are they for? 

The regular turns of student and staff member groups are weekly turns for different closed groups. Each group has a person in charge responsible for supervising these classes. Groups can apply for a regular turn every spring. A regular turn for a group is free, but everyone attending has to have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker.

Do i need my own equipment for the group classes?

No, you can find all the weights, mat and other equipment in the facilities. You can find information from the class description, if there are exceptions. 

Do I need my own equipment for the ball sports turns? 

It depends on the facility:

In Studentia you can find equipment for the most common ball sports. However, for badminton you need your own racket or you can borrow one from the ISYY office or from the Studentia caretakers in the lobby.

In Savilahti sports and event center Luola you need your own equipment. 

Does SYKETTÄ have any sports equipment I can borrow?

As a SYKETTÄ user you can borrow all kinds of equipment from ISYY office in Lukema: https://www.isyy.fi/en/recreation/equipment-loan-service.html


What to do when the SYKETTÄ payment does not appear in the register, even though I have paid the sticker?

If you have paid the SYKETTÄ sports fee at one of our selling points (ISYY office or Bar&Cafe SAVOTTA), the payment has probably been accidentally left unmarked in the register. In this case, please contact the point of sale directly. Please tell the date of purchase and show the purchased SYKETTÄ sticker on the student or staff card.

If you have paid the SYKETTÄ fee through the online store, the payment made and the right to register for classes should appear directly in your own profile. If this is not the case, contact the sports coordinators, who will sort out the matter and check the information from  the online store.

I received an unwarranted warning that I did not attend to a class I had enrolled for. Do I have to make sure that my participation in the class is taken into account?

With Studentia and Snellmania, you mark your arrival to class on the instructor’s tablet. During the classes at the partners’ premises, you show your student or staff card at the reception and write your name on the list, or the reception staff marks you as having arrived. The instructor/reception will save the list of participants when the class starts, so be there on time. Unfortunately, the participation of those who arrive late can no longer be saved in the system.

If you have received a warning, even though you have been there on time and registered your attendance, it is probably just an IT or human error in saving the list of participants. In this case, you can send a message to the sports coordinators and they will fix it.

Why can’t I log on to the mobile application?

If your email address is not correct, check that you have written your email address correctly and that there is no space after the address. If you have forgotten your password, use the password reset link. If SYKETTÄ has updated its Terms of Use, they must be accepted via the website. The mobile application will not work until you have accepted the terms of use on the website.

Mobile application says: “You have registered to another city. Please log on to the correct mobile application.”

Check thay you are using SYKETTÄ Kuopio and not SYKETTÄ Joensuu app. The application also gives this notification when your email address or password is incorrect, so check that you have written those correctly. 

I didn’t receive the password reset link

If you don’t receive the password reset link, email address you have registered with is not working or email address is not correct. If the address is written correctly but you don’t still receive the password reset link, send email to one of sport coordinators.


How I can give feedback or ask you about the SYKETTÄ service?

You can give us feedback and share your ideas via the SYKETTÄ website on feedback questionnaire. You can also reach us employees by email or in our social media.