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Bottoms Up

What is Bottoms Up?

The idea of Bottoms Up is to decrease sitting time and increase physical activity among the students and staff members on Kuopio campuses. We strive to improve study and work capabilities and improve on-campus culture, attitude and activity. Our goal is an active and healthy university community.

At spring 2014 SYKETTÄ started Perseet ylös penkistä -campaign together with the Student Union at University of Eastern Finland. The campaign went on until 2015 when nationwide campaign called Pylly ylös began.

Bottoms Up AmbassadorsHow to become a Bottoms Up Ambassadors?

Bottoms Up ambassadors spread the message of exercise and well-being to fellow University students in Kuopio. Susanne who is SYKETTÄ Bottoms Up Ambassador of Spring 2023 is in the picture.

Bottoms Up Ambassadors have the following tasks:

At the start of each academic year, SYKETTÄ seeks new Bottoms Up ambassadors. If you want to change university lectures to be more physically active as a Bottoms Up ambassador, send an email to liikuntasuunnittelija.kuopio@isyy.fi.

How Can I Order a Bottoms Up Ambassador to a Lecture or Meeting?

If you wish to order a Bottoms Up instructed active break to your lecture or staff meeting, contact SYKETTÄ sports services by email. SYKETTÄ will arrange for a Bottoms Up ambassador to instruct the active break. Bottoms Up ambassadors may also contact lecturers themselves and offer instructed active breaks. Active breaks instructed by Bottoms Up ambassadors are free. If you wish to order an active break instructed by a Bottoms Up ambassador, send an email to liikuntasuunnittelija.kuopio@isyy.fi.

Exercise Corners at Campus

SYKETTÄ sports services encourages University students and staff members to have a little break every now and then and to do independent break exercises at the specifically assembled exercise corners. Exercise sticks and rubber bands are available at the exercise corners for flexing and muscle conditioning. Visual and written instructions for break exercise can be found on the exercise corner. SYKETTÄ is in charge of the exercise corner equipment, please contact us if you find any shortcomings.

Exercise corners are located in:

University of Eastern Finland:

Savonia University of Applied Sciences:

Conference room B5014

Bottoms Up Material Bank

Exercise corners’ visual and written instructions for break exercise can be found also here. Break exercise videos are available at the SYKETTÄ Youtube channel for all students and staff members. The videos present several break exercise moves (both with and without equipment). Bottoms Up ambassadors also utilise the videos for instructed break exercise. Check out the Sykettä YouTube channel.