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Snellmania Gym, Tatami and Mirror hall is situated in Savilahti, UEF campus, in Snellmania-building, 2nd floor. The address is Yliopistonranta 1.

When you come in from the Snellmania main doors, take the stairs on the left to 2nd floor. Follow the corridor until you arrive to sport facilities at the end of the hallway.

Opening hoursKevät 2024

Snellmania gym, tatami and mirror hall are open
Mon-Fri from 6.50 am to 6 pm
Sat from 9.45 am to 2 pm

Snellmania main door and the door to the locker rooms are locked at 6 pm

Snellmania gym,tatami and mirror hall are not in use, when there are instructed classes going in the tatami.
The schedule for the groups you can see from the division of sections at the bottom of this page, from the noticeboard outside the gym or from the sports calendar.

Please notice that holidays affect the opening hours. Up-to-date information and changes in the schedule can be found from the front page’s sport calendar.

Where can I find the locker room and showers?

Pass by the glass doors of the mirror lobby (next to the coat rack) and immediately turn right. Go through the glass doors and you will reach the corridor, on the right wall of which you will find the changing rooms. Please note that the hallway door will be locked as early as 6 p.m.

Snellmania locker rooms


– Dumbbells and kettlebells
– Barbells and weight plates
– pulldown and caple cross-over
– leg-press machine
– Squat rack and TRX-band
– Benches and rack for bench press
– Basic gym equipment like pull down, thighs etc.
– Jumping box


At the back of the gym there is tatami room. When the tatami is not reserved for classes or groups, it is in free use for SYKETTÄ-users.  There are also equipment for body care:

– Rubber bands and sticks
– Fascia balls
– Foamrollers
– Yoga mats

Mirror hall

The hall before the gym and tatami is called Snellmania mirror hall. The hall can’t be used for sports on weekdays between 8.00 and 16.00, because there are university’s lectures held nearby.

In the mirror hall there is also multipurpose equipment and a treadmill that can be used with the SYKETTÄ sticker. These can be used also during the day 8-16 o’clock.

Division of fields, Spring 2024

KuoLon Speksi at 16-18 pm weeks 2-11Gym start course at 16.15 -17.10 pm 11.3., 18.3., 25.3., 8.4. and 15.4.
Functional training at 17.20–18.15 pmFunctional training at 17.20–18.15 pm
KuoLon Speksi at 16-18 pm weeks 2-11
Get to know: Escrima Concepts at 18–20 pm
16.1. , 20.2. , 19.3., 16.4. and 21.5.
(on other Tuesdays the sport’s own turn)
Taekwon-do at 16.30 – 18.30 pm
Famourettes dance group at 16–17.55 pmEasy class at 16.30–17.25 pmEasy class 16.30 – 17.25 pm
KuoLon Speksi at 16-18 pm weeks 2-11Famourettes dance group at 16–16.55 pm
Gym course, advanced at 16.15 -17.10 pm 15.3., 22.3., 5.4., 12.4. and 19.4.
open at 9.45-14 with SYKETTÄ stickerOpen 9.45 – 14.00Taekwon-do at 10.45 – 12.45