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SYKETTÄ – sport services

Sports calendar – SPRING 2019

Validity of sports calendar

Open ball sports in Opistotie: 1.1.-
Open ball sports in Studentia: 1.1.-
Instructed group classes: 7.1.-5.5.
Ice Hockey: 7.1..-> NOTICE! You need a group class sticker for ice hockey turns.

Exceptions in timetable of this semester:
4.-10.3. Winter break: No instructed group classes or ice hockey turn
18.4.-24.4. Easter break: No instructed group classes or ice hockey turn
30.4.-1.5. First of May: No instructed group classes or ice hockey turn

Click the calendar to get it bigger!

Updated 3/2019. We reserve the right for changes in the calendar!


This is how to enroll for classes!

1) Log in and go to the front page and search for sports calendar by scrolling down the page
2) Click on the the desired sport class/shift: The display will open a new page, which presents the class/shift
5) Enroll for each class by scrolling down the page and click for the “ENROLL” button.

Enrollment begins exactly 7 days before the class begins and enrollment ends exactly 30 minutes before the class begins.

If you can’t participate, remember to cancel your enrollment 2 hours before the class begins AT THE LATEST. You may cancel the class the same way you enroll for it.


If a SYKETTÄ user does not arrive to the session, and has not cancelled the enrollment, or is late more than 5 minutes, the following sanction policies shall apply:

1st failure to cancel the enrollment in time or being late from the class shall result in the SYKETTÄ user receiving a notification by email;

2nd failure to cancel the enrollment shall result in a 7 day ban from enrolling or participating in SYKETTÄ sports services. The ban may be lifted by paying a fine of €4.

The sanction policies apply to the sessions listed on the website. Users must personally ensure that their participation on the sessions is recorded. The notice users receive for having an uncancelled session shall be in force for 6 months.

Need instructions in English?

If you want to have instructions in English during group classes, please ask the instructor before the class starts. Most of our instructors speak english and can give you basic info in English! It also depends on the class in question if it is possible, for example in quick-paced choreography classes it is not always possible to translate the instructions.

Open turns & Regular set shifts

SYKETTÄ offers you weekly over 20 open turns. We arrange open turns with most common ball sports and different martial arts. Open turns are weekly set shifts where everyone with a valid SYKETTÄ – sticker can participate. It doesn’t matter if you have a ball sports sticker or group classes sticker. Check for more details about sport packages FROM HERE.

Regular set shifts are weekly set turns for student and/or staff groups, who want to do sports together.

Look for more description about different turns/classes from the event calendar.

Remember to register as a user, pay for our low-priced sports fee and join us!

Sport courses

SYKETTÄ – sport services offers you inexpensive sport courses, workshops and get to know -classes all year round. The courses are carried out in our own sport halls or with our partners and local sport associations. You can find information about the courses from our website and Facebook-page.