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Terms of use

Terms of use – SYKETTÄ University Sports

Valid from 1.1.2019

Table of contents

  1. Overview
    2. User groups
    2.1 Students
    2.2 Staff
    3. Registration
    4. Sports fees
    5. Insurance
    6. Enrolling on classes and cross-usage
    7. Sports facilities
    8. Changes to services and cancellations
    9. Service seasons
    10. Sanction policy and solving disputes
    11. Copyright
    12. Period of validity

  1. Overview

SYKETTÄ is a sports service for universities operating in Joensuu and Kuopio. SYKETTÄ services are provided in Joensuu by the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) and in Kuopio by the Student Union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (SAVOTTA).

These terms of use apply to SYKETTÄ sports services users registered on the SYKETTÄ website.

  1. User groups

Only the following groups may use SYKETTÄ sports services:

2.1. Students

All students of the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Savonia University of Applied Sciences with a right to complete a degree and who have registered as present for the semester or the academic year, may use SYKETTÄ sports services. In Kuopio, students of the University of the Arts and HUMAK may also use SYKETTÄ sports services.

Groups who may use the services are:

In UEF additionally:

In universities of applied sciences additionally:

Services may be used until the end of the graduation year. Users must have a valid right to study.

The user’s right to complete a degree and registration status may be checked from the student card or the student register. If needed, students can get a certification of student status from the Student and Learning Services (UEF) and Student Services (universities of applied sciences).

2.2. Staff

Staff members of the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, ISYY, SAVOTTA and the Student Union of Karelia University of Applied Sciences (POKA), may use the sports services if they have a valid employment contract when they purchase a SYKETTÄ sports sticker. Erasmus staff members must apply for the right to use SYKETTÄ services.

In UEF additionally:

  1. Registration

Begin using SYKETTÄ sports services by registering as a user on the SYKETTÄ website. Customer information is collected according to the privacy statement. Registration is not an obligation to purchase a sports sticker, but it is a precondition to start using the services.

  1. Sports fees

All SYKETTÄ sports services users must have a valid group exercise or ball sports sticker (excluding special days and free sports weeks, announced separately). Users must have the sticker with them while using the services.

SYKETTÄ stickers may be purchased from the SYKETTÄ webstore or campus stores. Generally, SYKETTÄ stickers are purchased on the campus users study or work on. Both semester and academic year stickers are available. The academic year sticker is valid from 1 August to 31 August (the following year) and the semester sticker is valid from 1 August to 31 December or from 1 January to 31 August.

The sticker is attached to a student card, a staff card or a separate SYKETTÄ card. The sticker must be shown when requested by a SYKETTÄ agent. Instead of a sticker attached to a card, users may use the SYKETTÄ mobile application with a virtual sticker. The sports stickers are for personal use only, and may not be given to anyone else. If needed, SYKETTÄ users must prove their identity.

Sports fees may be refunded for a medical certificate, if a doctor has found the user to be unable to use SYKETTÄ services for at least three months. The sports fee is refunded for full unused months. Refund must be applied for in writing within 14 days of the diagnosis of the injury.

  1. Insurance

SYKETTÄ sports services do not include insurance unless otherwise noted.

  1. Enrolling on classes and cross-usage

Users enroll for each sports class via the sports calendar on the website, unless otherwise noted on the class description. Enrollment starts exactly 7 days and ends 30 minutes before the start of the class. If users cannot attend a class they enrolled on, they must cancel their enrollment no later than 2 hours before the class starts.

Users must follow the instructions given in the description of the sports event.

SYKETTÄ services may also be used in other localities where SYKETTÄ operates without additional fees, unless otherwise noted. The SYKETTÄ website includes instructions on how to activate cross-usage.

  1. Sports facilities

Sports facilities may only be used during hours specified on the SYKETTÄ website. Users are personally responsible for all expenses, if they use the sports facilities outside of these hours. Persons without valid SYKETTÄ stickers may not enter the facilities. Users are liable to compensate deliberately broken sports equipment.

SYKETTÄ sports services is not responsible for injuries or material damage to users or their personal belongings.

  1. Changes to services and cancellations

SYKETTÄ sports services reserves the right to change the service’s terms of use, content, operations, limit the number of attendants and cancel classes due to low attendance or other reasons without compensation. SYKETTÄ services canceled due to unavailable instructors, problems with facilities or other difficulties are announced on the SYKETTÄ website.

Abnormal opening hours are announced on the SYKETTÄ website.

SYKETTÄ sports services are not responsible for mistakes or service breaks caused by a force majeure or the actions of a third party.

  1. Service seasons

SYKETTÄ sports services have two seasons:

During Christmas and summer (July and August) the services are limited.

  1. Sanction policy and solving disputes

If a SYKETTÄ user gives their personal SYKETTÄ sticker to another person or uses another person’s SYKETTÄ sticker, both parties will be banned from using SYKETTÄ sports services until the end of the current academic year. The authorities will be notified of cases of gross abuse. Users may be banned from using the services until the end of the current semester or academic year, if they commit repeat abuses. Unauthorized use of the Services and abuses may be grounds for a police investigation.

If a SYKETTÄ user will not attend a class and has not cancelled their enrollment no later than 2 hours before the start of the class, the following sanction policy will apply:

The sanctions policy applies to sports classes announced on the website. Users are responsible that their class attendance is recorded. Uncancelled class enrollments are kept on record for 6 months. Users must arrive on time to classes that follow the sanctions policy. A sanction is justified, if the user is over 5 minutes late and class attendance has already been recorded.

If a SYKETTÄ user brings a person without a valid SYKETTÄ sticker to the sports facilities, the user will be banned from using SYKETTÄ sports services for 14 days.

Additionally, SYKETTÄ agents may conduct random checks on SYKETTÄ sports classes and in sports facilities. SYKETTÄ agents may issue warnings and impose bans in cases of abuse.

Disputes concerning the use of the services are, primarily, solved by arbitration between the parties.

  1. Copyright

The contents of the SYKETTÄ website are protected by copyright law. SYKETTÄ sports services reserves all rights to the website and their contents, unless otherwise stated in the terms of use or on the website. Bulletins, logos and other materials may be used for journalistic purposes on the condition that the source is stated. Text or pictures may not be used in an inappropriate manner.

  1. Period of validity

These terms of use are valid until further notice.