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Special offers with your SYKETTÄ Sticker!

You need to have a student- or staff card with a valid SYKETTÄ sticker to have an access to these offers!

Continuous offers

Dance school WISIO

During the autumn season 2019 all the basic classes of West coast swing and  open-air pavilion dances are FREE with the SYKETTÄ sticker. Basic classes are marked as a green in the Wisio’s calendar!

Autumn’s calendar:
In the calendar the classes marked with a green ball (Mon, Wed and Sun) are free with SYKETTÄ sticker.
No need to enroll beforehand and you don’t need to have a dance partner either!
The classes are held in Spa and hotel Rauhalahti. 

Element Studio


Element Studio
The address is Maaherrankatu 21.
p. 050 911 2850

Fencing Kuopio

Fencing Kuopio gives you an opportunity to try fencing.
Price: 5,00 €

NOTICE: You have to enroll in advance to sending email kurssit(at)kuopionmiekkailijat.net or text message to 040 588 3497.

Training times
Mo at 19.00-20.30
Wed at 18.00-20.00
Fri at 18.00-20.00. 
Place: Otsola, Kemilänrine 1.

Fit Kuopio

Fit Kuopio has the new equipments (Hoist, Precor, Technogym)!
 Saarijärventie 9 (the main door is next to Sale shop).

with SYKETTÄ -sticker you get a free 10 days visitor pass for the new user! Send email or call beforehand to  kuopio@ole.fit or 050-3291817, www.fitkuopio.fi

SYKETTÄ-sticker offers at Fit Kuopio (valid until 31.8.2020)

*Day card 29,90€/month (norm.34,90€/month) and key tag 0 €:
– 1 x inbody 770 body composition measurement 0 €
– Valid every day from  03.30 to 16.00
*24/7 -card: 39,90€/month (norm.44,90€/month) and key tag 0 €
– Valid every day from 03.30 to 24.00
*10 x card 64,90€ (norm.74,90€)+ 10€ key tag fee, valid 6months

Day card and 24/7 membership cards include these offers:

– No joining fee
– No obligatory membership, you can use the services one month at a time
– Summer break 1-3 month, break fee 10€ (norm.20€)
– One personal trainer meeting for free (norm.75,00€) for new regular customer
– You can make free training months with Friend pass 
– Special offers from partners in cooperation: Fysiomekka, Kuopion Osteopatia, Fit Wok Kuopio, Vaikuttava Ote and Hiusstudio Sun

Remember to contact Fit Kuopio beforehand to get these offers.
0503291817/reception Fit Kuopio or kuopio@ole.fit and show your SYKETTÄ stickerat the reception

Gladiator Factory

Gladiator Factory 10 € discount for beginner’s courses! Factory offers you Brazilian jiu jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Beginner’s courses start in September and in February.
Come and try!


Gym99 is situated in Niirala, Niiralankatu 25, 70600 Kuopio.

Offer with SYKETTÄ sticker, valid until 30.4.2020:
-Gym membership card 29,90e /month x 3 months, starting fee 10 €.
– 10 x card 50 €
Both options include key card and infra red sauna

Staff is available Mon-Thu:14-18, Fri: 15-18.

If you want to come to visit and get to know Gym99, please take a contact:
e-mail: info@gym99.fi
Tel: 017 – 2626 999

Historical dances Kuopio

Historical dances are a collection of dances, whose music and choreography is collected from different written sources. These dances have no traditions in modern times, but different enthusiasts construct the creations of past dancing masters. Mostly the dance literatures have preserved from 1400-1700 Renaissance and Baroque Italy, France and England. In addition the passionate dancers have created their own historically styled choreographies to modern music as well as to their own compositions.

In Kuopio the dance choreographies are being taught and danced:


More information:
Herkko Pulkkinen, Kuopion Historiallisten Tanssien tanssinohjaaja

Intersport Kuopio

– All textiles and shoes -5% (not those already in sale or in Plussa sale!)

Intersport Kuopio Haapaniemenkatu 32, 70110 Kuopio

Kuopio Bubble Football

Kuplafutis, what’s that?

Kuplafutis (or bubble football) is a playful form of football, where the players wear a plastic bubble. There are hardly any rules in Kuplafutis, as long as you have fun and play fairly! The bubbles endure the fiercest tackles so you can make the most out of tackling your nastiest classmates! Playing bubble football is safe, suitable for all kinds of players, and most of all, great entertainment for student groups. Kuplafutis can be arranged outside or inside (for example in a sports hall).

Price: with the SYKETTÄ -sticker 220€/hour, normal price 250€/hour. The price includes the referee, a ball for playing and setting and emptying the bubbles.

Offers run until 31.5.2020.

Reservations and inquiries:


Kunnonsali Kuopio

Kunnonsali is a fitness center with gym and instructed group classes.

– Want to get to know Kunnonsali? New clients with SYKETTÄ sticker can try them out for 7 days for free. Come to the reception and arrange your free trial, please show your SYKETTÄ sticker!
– Personal training get-to-know class 35€

– For all the new members, gym membership with 4 month contract is 40€/month (After that, the student price is 55 €)

Offers run until 31.8.2020.


Kunnosali Kuopio
Ajurinkatu 16, 70110 Kuopio / Viihdekeskus IsoCee, pohjakerros
p. 017 552 3322

Ole.fit Siilinjärvi

830 m2 gym with new Precor equipment!
Vänrikintie 4, 70910 Vuorela

with SYKETTÄ -sticker you get a free 7 days visitor pass for the new user! Send email or call beforehand to siilinjarvi@ole.fit or 044-9834774,

SYKETTÄ-sticker offers at Ole.fit Siilinjärvi (valid until 31.8.2020)

*Day card 19,90 €/month 

– Valid every day from  05.00 to 14.00
*Gym card 29,90 €/month 
– Valid every day from 05.00 to 23.00
* Gym and group classes 39,90 €/month
– Valid every day from 05.00 to 23.00
* 10 x card 69,90€ + 10€ key tag fee
– Gym and group classes
– Valid 6 months

Membership cards (no 10 x card) include these offers:

– No joining fee
– No obligatory membership, you can use the services one month at a time
– Summer break 1-3 month, break fee 10€ (norm.20€)
– One personal trainer meeting for free (norm.75,00€) for new regular customer
– You can get free training months with Friend pass 
– Special offers from partners in cooperation: Fysiomekka, Kuopion Osteopatia

Remember to contact Ole.fit Siilinjärvi beforehand to get these offers.
044-9834774 or Siilinjarvi(at)ole.fit and show your SYKETTÄ stickerat the reception

Pole Center

Poledance, acrobatics and body overhaul!

1 – With SYKETTÄ sticker you can go to Pole Center normal classes for 10€/class.
* 10
€/h SYKETTÄ-sticker (/norm. student prize 15,00€/hour)
* 10 times card 10€ x 10 = 100€ (norm. 120€ for student). First time you have to pay also for the NFC-card fee.

2 – Offer for staff members: get a membership for the student price! Please show your staff card and SYKETTÄ sticker when you come to buy the membership (6 or 12 months). You get the discount for memberships started before 31.5.20.

Offers runs until 31.5.2020.

Pole Center
Puusepänkatu 5 C1, 70150 Kuopio
040 6321 7222

Rauhalahti Spa

With SYKETTÄ sticker you can have:
–  All therapies at Rauhalahti  -10%

Kylpylähotelli Rauhalahti
Katiskaniementie 8
70700 Kuopio


Riding Center ILO is modern riding school.  You can have private or group lessons. Our riding center is different than traditional center. For example you can reserve your riding classes at the website’s calendar 24/7 . Normal class is 60 minutes and group size is max 7 participants.
More information www.ratsastuskeskusilo.fi
Instagram: @ratsastuskeskusilo
Facebook: Ratsastuskeskus ILO.

With SYKETTÄ sticker you can have:
– For new users: Four classes 148 € (includes the usage of the reservation calendar)
– Own small group riding class 240 € (60 minutes, max 7 participants, in finnish or in english)

Offers runs until 31.7.2020 saakka

NOTICE: Send email beforehand to get these offers ratsasta(at)ratsastuskeskusilo.fi

Ratsastuskeskus ILO Oy
Puikkarintie 65
70420 Kuopio
045 872 0006 (Mo-Fri 18.30-19.00)

Studio Tempo

Studio Tempo on Kuopion keskustassa sijaitseva liikuntastudio. Palveluihin kuuluvat mm. kuntosali (vain naisille), monipuoliset ryhmäliikuntapalvelut, kuntotestaus sekä yksilö- ja pienryhmävalmennukset. Tarjoamme ryhmäliikuntatunteja myös miehille ns. EXTRA-tunteina. Viikoittain järjestettävät EXTRA-tunnit näkyvät Tempon ryhmäliikunta aikataulussa.

With SYKETTÄ sticker:

More information:
p. 017 263 3717 or info@studiotempo.fi

Tango Alegría

Argentine tango is an improvising social dance that improves your abilities in corporal control, balance, coordination and concentration. Finland has had its own variant of tango, but genuine Argentine tango is gaining popularity all over Finland.

Tango Alegría ry, a Kuopio-based association, organizes tango classes on a weekly basis as well as weekend seminars and milongas (dance events of Argentine tango). With your SYKETTÄ sticker they offer you these benefits:

Weekly classes are held on Mondays, 5 PM to 7 PM at Kellokuja 1. You can attend the classes alone or with your own partner. More information (in Finnish) at http://www.tangoalegria.fi, or call Heikki Valkonen, +358 400 671 958.

VOEMA – bouldering and climbing centre

1. Come to try bouldering! Only 5€ (norm. 13€) . The rent for the shoes and the information to get you started is included. Only for the first-timers!

2. Card for 10 times of climbing 75€ (norm. 85€). The card is valid one year and it’s for personal use only.

3. NEW! The first wednesday of the month is now a climbing day. That day the bouldering costs only 5 euros, if you have a valid SYKETTÄ-sticker. The fee includes the climbing shoes.


VOEMA – Kuopio bouldering and climbing centre
Kaivotie 23, 70700 Kuopio
p. 040 522 2655
p. 044 545 9309 (reservations etc.)