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Offers with your SYKETTÄ Sticker!

You need to have a student- or staff card with a valid SYKETTÄ sticker to have an access to these offers!

City of Kuopio gym card for Rajala and Kotkankallio

If you wish, you can get a very cheap membership card for the city of Kuopio’s gyms Rajala and Kotkankallio, which are civil defense shelters used for sport. With that membership card you can also use Studentia gym on evenings and weekends.

The whole year membership card for SYKETTÄ-users:
staff members 115 € / students 59 €
(Without the SYKETTÄ sticker the price is 135 €/79 €)

Half a year membership card for SYKETTÄ-user: 
staff members 56 €/ students 28 €
( Without the SYKETTÄ sticker the price is 76 €/48 €)

There are 1500 cards available in the autumn semester. The Kuopio gym card is bought directly from the city of Kuopio (see the selling points in City of Kuopio website) and they are available starting from 1.8.2020.

When buying the card, you must have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker and ID card. The starting fee for the card is 7,90 €.
Please note that with one-month sticker you cannot purchase a seasonal ticket to City of Kuopio gyms!

Continuous offers


Exercise without pressure to look good, exercise just to feel good!
With SYKETTÄ-sticker you get these offers, valid 1.8.2022-31.5.2023:
1) Day card to Gym (valid from 6.00 to 15.00 o’clock): 25€/month or 10 visits
2) Group classes and gym 24/7: 49€/month
3) Gym 24/7: 39€/month
4) Group classes, 10 times (valid 3 months): 89€
5) Gym 24/7, 10 times (valid 3 months): 59€

Puistokatu 14-16, 70110 Kuopio
040 159 4549 /Janne




Bodymaja tests -20%

Body composition measurements at self-service points without an appointment. Bodymaja test point is at Kuopio Matkakeskus street level. You can get the discount from all test and gift cards.

Use the discount code by purchasing the body composition measurement or gift card at  www.bodymaja.fi. After that go to the self-service point without an appointment. The price includes information how to use measuring point and report.

Discount code: SYKETTA20 . (Use the code when it says in Finnish “Paina tästä ja kirjoita kuponkikoodi”).

Budo Akatemia: Karate and kobudo

With SYKETTÄ-sticker: 30 € discount for basic courses

Karate basic course starts 10.1.

Kobudo basic course starts 10.1.

Dance Flow Kuopio ry

With SYKETTÄ sticker you get 20% discount from all the course fees! The discount does not include memberhip fee.

Here is the season’s class calendar:  https://www.danceflow.fi/

The first time is always free, so you are welcome to try any class that interests you!

Dance Flow Kuopio offers you diverse classes: competitive dance, rock’n’swing dances etc.

You are welcome to come to class and fall in love with dancing!

Dance school WISIO

During the Autumn season 2022 all the basic classes of West coast swing and  open-air pavilion dances are FREE with the SYKETTÄ sticker. Basic classes are marked as a green in the Wisio’s calendar!

Autumn’s calendar you can find from Wisio’s website.
In the calendar the classes marked with a green ball (Wed and Sun) are free with SYKETTÄ sticker.
No need to enroll beforehand and you don’t need to have a dance partner either!
The classes are held in Spa and hotel Rauhalahti.

At Autumn the West Coast Swing -course 10€ benefit with SYKETTÄ -sticker.

Dance studio Dream

Dream’s classes include poledance , commercial, chair dance, twerk, and many other dance styles.

Benefit with SYKETTÄ sticker:
All the courses 130 €/person/Spring or autumn season!
(Basic price is 140/150/159 €, discount does not include Pole pro course)
Please contact Dream by e-mail or drop by to use the discount!

Energy Kumpusaari

Fitness center Energy – Gym for regular people

Energy Kumpusaari is a brand new gym with spacious facilities and view to Kallavesi. Our services include group classes, yoga, physiotherapy, massage, neurosonic and child care.

Membership for Energy Kumpusaari is also valid in the three Energy gyms in Joensuu! Please visit Energy reception to buy these and show your SYKETTÄ sticker!

12 months membership 37,50€/month

24 hours membership 39,90€/month

14 hours membership 30,50€/month

Onetime visit 4,00€

Fencing Kuopio

Fencing Kuopio gives you an opportunity to try sport fencing.

Price: 5,00 €
The offer is valid 1.8.2022-31.8.2023

You have to enroll in advance via sending email kurssit(at)kuopionmiekkailijat.net or text message to 040 588 3497.

Training schedule:
Mon 19.00-20.30
Wed 18.00-20.00
Fri 18.00-20.00

Place: Otsola, Kemilänrinne 1.


Kuofit offers you great new equipment like Hoist, Precor and Technogym, personal trainer services, infrared sauna for women, massage and more!
Address:  Saarijärventie 9 (the main door is next to Sale shop).

SYKETTÄ-sticker offers at Kuofit, for new users (valid until 31.9.2023)

Onetime visit 6€ (norm. 12€)

*Day card 29,90€/month (norm.36,90€/month)

key tag 0 €
– the starting month only 0 €!
– 1 x inbody 770 body composition measurement 0 €

– 1 x personal trainer meeting 0 €
– For women there is an infra red sauna available for free
– Valid every day from 03.30 to 16.00

*24/7 -card: 39,90€/month (norm.46,90€/month)

key tag 0 €
– the starting month only 0 €!
– 1 x inbody 770 body composition measurement 0 €
– 1 x personal trainer meeting 0 €
– For women there is an infra red sauna available for free
– Valid every day from 03.30 to 24.00

*10 x card 49,90€ (norm.79,90€)+ 12 € key tag fee, valid for 6 months

– Valid every day from 03.30 to 24.00

Day card and 24/7 membership cards include these offers:
– No joining fee
– No obligatory membership, you can use the services one month at a time
– Summer break 1-3 month, break fee 10€ (norm.20€)
– You can get free training months with a Friend pass
– Special offers from partners in cooperation: Fysiomekka, Kuopion Osteopatia, Vaikuttava Ote and Hiusstudio Sun

Remember to contact Kuofit beforehand to get these offers.
Contact 0503291817/reception Kuofit or e-mail info@kuofit.fi
Please show your SYKETTÄ sticker at the reception

Gladiator Factory

Gladiator Factory 10 € discount for beginner’s courses! Factory offers you Brazilian jiu jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Beginner’s courses start in September and in February. seuraavat peruskurssit alkavat 7.2.2023
Come and try! Brief info in English in the fb events:

BJJ basic course (February 7th) here
and MMA basic course (February 8th) here

Historical dances Kuopio

Historical dances are a collection of dances, whose music and choreography is collected from different written sources. These dances have no traditions in modern times, but different enthusiasts construct the creations of past dancing masters. Mostly the dance literatures have been preserved from writings from 1400s-1700s Renaissance and Baroque Italy, France and England. In addition the passionate dancers have created their own historically styled choreographies to modern music as well as to their own compositions.

In Kuopio the dance choreographies are being taught and danced:

More information:
Herkko Pulkkinen, Kuopion Historiallisten Tanssien tanssinohjaaja

Kuopio Bubble Football

Kuplafutis, what’s that?

Kuplafutis (or bubble football) is a playful form of football, where the players wear a plastic bubble. There are hardly any rules in Kuplafutis, as long as you have fun and play fairly! The bubbles endure the fiercest tackles so you can make the most out of tackling your nastiest classmates! Playing bubble football is safe, suitable for all kinds of players, and most of all, great entertainment for student groups. Kuplafutis can be arranged at Vänäri.

Price with the SYKETTÄ -sticker 220€/hour, normal price 250€/hour. The price includes the referee, a ball and setting and emptying the bubbles.

Offer runs until 31.8.2023.

Reservations and inquiries:

Kuopio Ju-Jutsu club: hokutoryu ju-jutsu

The beginner course of Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu starts on Monday 12.9. at 19.30.

Welcome to the beginner course of Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu! Practices are held on Mondays (19:30-21:00) and Thursdays (19.00-20:30) at Kuopion Liikunta- ja Kamppailukeskus LIIKE (Väliköntie 4, downstairs). You can join the course during september. You can wear a t-shirt and sweatpants during the beginner classes. Please take a water bottle and a small towel for washing your feet with you to training. (We train with bare feet on the tatami.)

Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu is based on a traditional Japanese combat system that has been adapted to meet the needs of the modern society. Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu combines correct timing of defence and offence including escapes from different types of grabs, blocks, punches, kicks, throws, take-downs, joint locks, chokes and holds to subdue or disable one or more unarmed or armed opponents. Training includes effective martial arts combat techniques, break falls and different levels of fitness and stretching exercises. You can also compete if you want, but you can also train just for fun and to keep fit. Watch a demo of Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzQBrMlHY90

With a SYKETTÄ sticker you get a 10€ discount of the beginner course!Read more about Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu: https://www.kuopionjujutsuseura.fi/ and https://www.hokutoryu.com/

Pole Center

Poledance, acrobatics and body overhaul!

OFFERS valid until 31.5.2023

1 – With SYKETTÄ sticker you can go to Pole Center‘s normal weekly classes for 10 €/class.
* 10 €/h SYKETTÄ-sticker (/norm. student prize 14,40 €/hour)
* 10 times card is 100 € (norm. 121,50 € for student). First time you have to pay also for the NFC-card fee.

2 – Offer for staff members: get a membership for the student price, -10 % off from the normal price! Please show your staff card and SYKETTÄ sticker when you come to buy the membership (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). You get the discount for memberships started before 31.5.23.

3 – Online courses (Pole dance and aerial yoga) 30 €/course. Twerk and Shuffle 10 €/course.

4 – Groups for Spring season
(Pole 1-2, Pole 3-4, Heels 1, Heels 2, Sling 3-4, ja Hoop 3-4)
With SYKETTÄ-sticker 250€/Spring season (5 months)

More information and timetable in the website.

The first week of September(week 35) is a get-to-know week: they are free for the members and 5 €/class for the others. Welcome!

More information and reservations: info@polecenter.fi .

Pole Center
Puusepänkatu 5 C1, 70100 Kuopio
040 6321 7222

Studio Tempo

Studio Tempo is situated in city centre. It is a wellness studio for women. Men can participate in the classes that are marked as “extra” in the Tempo’s calendar.

With SYKETTÄ sticker:

More information:
p. 017 263 3717 or info@studiotempo.fi

Sunset TL

3-moths contract 100€ (normally 147€)

Basic course and a 3-months contract 149€ (norm. 89€ basic course + 147€ 3-monts contrack)

Payment at the Sunset.

VOEMA – bouldering and climbing centre

1. Come to try bouldering! Only 5€. The rent for the shoes and the information to get you started is included with SYKETTÄ sticker. Only for the first-timers!

2.  With valid studentcard:
– one-time payment 10 €
– one-time payment at Mo-Fri during 15-16 is 8€.

3. Card for 10 times of climbing 85€ (norm. 95€). The card is valid one year and it’s for personal use only. Remember to show your studentcard.

4. NEW! The first wednesday of the month is now a climbing day. That day the bouldering costs only 5 euros, if you have a valid SYKETTÄ-sticker. The fee includes the climbing shoes.


VOEMA – Kuopio bouldering and climbing centre
Kaivotie 23, 70700 Kuopio
p. 040 522 2655
p. 044 545 9309 (reservations etc.)