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NOTICE! SYKETTÄ-sports fee doesn’t include any insurance, so make sure you have your own insurance activated. Only in some extra events (like tournaments, sports afternoon etc.) we have an insurance for the participants.

You may choose either group class -package, which includes all the services OR ball sports package, which doesn’t include instructed group classes. You need only one SYKETTÄ-sticker.

Instructed Group Class -package

39 € /semester, 69 € /academic year (incl. VAT 10 %)

Instructed group class package includes

– Instructed group exercise classes
– General ball sports shifts, also ice hockey!
– Student/Staff group shifts
– Get to know classes, sport courses (some courses are included in the package, others are available at a low cost)
– The right to use the gyms at the UEF campus (Studentia and Snellmania)
– The right to buy the seasonal ticket for gyms of City of Kuopio for discounted price
Offers for services from various sports-related businesses and events
– Nutrition services and other extra services we may offer

Ball Sports – package

22 € /semester, 36 € /academic year (incl. VAT 10 %)

Ball sports package includes:

Everything same as the group class package, except the instructed group exercise classes and ice hockey turns!

One-month sticker 15 €/month (incl. VAT 10 %)

One month sticker is for you, if you only stay in the city for a little while or don’t want to commit to the whole season.

Please notice that you do not need this if you already have a group class or ball sports sticker for the season.

If we can’t keep our normal Sports services at our Sports halls we will move our services to online. We can arrange most of our own group classes online.  If our Sports halls are closed then ball sports shifts are cancelled and gyms are closed. 
We hope that everyone of you take care of safety and follow the hygiene instructions!

Validity of the sports sticker

SPRING 2023 – The instructed group class and the ball sports sticker
1.1.2023 – 31.8.2023

FALL 2023 – The instructed group class and the ball sports sticker
1.8.2023 – 31.12.2023

ACADEMIC YEAR 2023-2024  – The instructed group class and the ball sports sticker
1.5.2023 – 31.8.2024

SPRING 2024 – The instructed group class and the ball sports sticker
1.1.2024 – 31.8.2024

Places where you can buy the sticker

Webshop 24/7!

ISYY Kuopio campus office Lukema (Yliopistonranta 3)
OPEN: Mon, Tue,Thu 10.00-15.00, Wed 12.00-15.00, Fri closed
See ISYY home page for exceptions in opening hours

Bar&CafeSAVOTTA (Microkatu 1, 1st floor)
OPEN: Mon-Thu 7.45-16.00, Fri 7.45-15.00
Bar&CafeSAVOTTA opening hours here

CafeSAVOTTA (Microkatu campus 3th floor E-wing)
OPEN: Mon-Thu 8.45-14.30, Fri 8.45-14.00
CafeSAVOTTA opening hours here

Want to upgrade your ball sports sticker to group class sticker? Please visit our service point to do that. You do not need to pay the whole group class sticker.

Free SYKETTÄ Kuopio mobile application available for Android and iOS! In the app you have a mobile sticker, yay!

If you have problems with the app, please use the website instead.
For example if you have iPhone, you don’t necessarily find the application from the App store due to Apple’s country settings.

How to buy

A. DO REGISTRATION before you buy the SYKETTÄ sports sticker! 
B. Pay for the sports fee
C. Enroll for the classes via the sports calendar in the front page 


Please take with you a valid student or staff card. When paying the sports fee you’ll get SYKETTÄ sticker to your card, which allows you to use the schools’ sports facilities and services. If you don’t have a valid, Finnish student card, you may get a new sports card.

Notice! When you buy the sticker form the webshop, you should either download SYKETTÄ Kuopio mobile app and use the mobile sticker OR fetch your sticker from one of our selling points!

All customers should register through the webpage. For registration you need a valid university email address.

ePassi payment

If you have ePassi service from your employer (eg. Savonia UAS staff members) you can use ePassi mobile application to pay the sports fee.

How to use ePassi mobile application to pay SYKETTÄ sticker:

1. Do the registration first using the e-mail address of your university, if you are a new user
2. Using ePassi mobile application, search for SYKETTÄ-liikuntapalvelut Kuopio. Pay for the service you want, please read first the descriptions of the sports stickers in this page. Do you know that you can upload money to your ePassi, if you don’t have enough money to pay the SYKETTÄ fee.
3. When you pay the fee, the sports coordinator gets a notification and updates your profile with the correct sticker. Please notice that this happens from Mon-Fri at 8-16 and we cannot add the sticker to your profile, if you have not done the registration first.

After the sticker has been added to your profile, you can freely use our services! You can either use our mobile application or collect the sticker from one of our selling points to your student/staff card.

Additional services: City of Kuopio gym card for Rajala and Kotkankallio, Voimakellari Novapolis gym card

If you wish, you can get a very cheap membership card for the city of Kuopio’s gyms Rajala and Kotkankallio which are civil defense shelters used for sport, and for Voimakellari Novapolis gym. Please see this page for further information!