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Balanced and healthy eating supports your well-being together with exercising. In addition to sports, also nutrition services are available at SYKETTÄ.

SYKETTÄ offers practical and evidence based nutrition services for students and personnel holding SYKETTÄ stickers. Available nutrition services in English are nutrition counseling, cooking classes and “Ask from Nutrition Specialist” -form.

Nutrition events in spring 2024:

15.1. Intuitiivinen syöminen -workshop (only in Finnish)

13.2. Liikkujan kasvisruokavalio -ravitsemusluento /Vegetarian Nutrition in sports -lecture (only in Finnish)

26.2. Kehonkuva -workshop /body image -workshop (only in Finnish)

You can find more detailed information about the events from SYKETTÄ Sports calendar and Instagram closer to the time of the event.

1. Nutrition counseling

SYKETTÄ Nutrition Services offers nutrition counseling every Wednesday at 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm. If you have anything food and nutrition related you would like to discuss with a specialist and you hold a valid sports sticker, you can book a 30 minute appointment through SYKETTÄ Sports calendar to come and discuss with our SYKETTÄ nutrition specialist.

Here are some examples of the topics that can be discussed during the appointment:

– How to eat to compliment your training and to recover well

– Help with special diets, for example, if you are considering vegetarian diet or would like to lose weight in healthy way

– What to choose from the grocery store in order to eat in according to balanced and affordable diet?

Please notice that SYKETTÄ nutrition counseling does NOT replace the services of a registered dietitian. If we think you might need more professional help, we will together think about ways to seek it.

You are warmly welcome!

2. Cooking classes

Cooking classes are also organized regularly by SYKETTÄ Nutrition Services.

Cooking classes hold different themes under which we cook easy and affordable recipes that suits well to our everyday life. First we cook together and after we dine together. The cooking classes are held mostly in Finnish, however instructions and recipes can be translated in English as well. Therefore, English-speaking students and personnel are also warmly welcomed to join the classes. Classes are held by SYKETTÄ nutritional specialist Janica Taskinen.

To join the classes you will need a valid sports sticker and make a small payment to cover the ingredients. More specific information can always be found from the event description through sports calendar.

3. Ask from Nutrition Specialist