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Ball sports in sport halls of the schools

SYKETTÄ organizes ball sport turns in Studentia and also in the school sport halls in city of Kuopio’s schools. The Kuopio’s school sport halls are only in use during the SYKETTÄ ball sports turns.

For the Kuopio’s school sport halls you need to bring your own racquets, balls etc. Please let us know if SYKETTÄ-equipment are lost!

In Studentia you can borrow SYKETTÄ equipment.

The addresses and the available equipment:

Taidelukio Lumit, Koljonniemenkatu 48-50
– Futsal goals, corner rink pieces for floorball, volleyball and basketball nets
– The entrance is on the Kirkkokatu street D-door, opposite Kuopio Musiikkikeskus
– Look at the picture -> D- door

Klassillinen lukio, Opistotie 1

-corner rink pieces for floorball, volleyball and basketball nets
-SYKETTÄ equipment are held on top of the closet that is kept in the equipment storage: balls (floorball, volleyball, basketball, ).

-the door to the sports facilities is located next to the parking lot. It is on the same side as the main entrance
-On your left are the locker rooms and on your right is the entrance to the sports hall

Minna Canthin koulu, Ruotsinkatu 35

–  volleyball net, 7 corner rink pieces for floorball, badminton nets
-SYKETTÄ equipment are held on the stage: equipment for goalkeeper 2x, floorballs, 3xvolleyball, sports vests, ball pump

-Use the code to get in through the door D
-Locker rooms are on your right: Locker room for men is on the same floor as the entrance and locker room entrance for women is on the same floor. Open the door and go downstairs.

The doors are locked and the person who is in charge of the turn will open the doors before the turn begins. Please be on time!

Spring 2024

LUMIT Klassillinen
Lyseon lukioMinna Canth
17-18 PreLi19-21
Easy going floorball
Tuesday20-22 Volleyball techniques, open
Wednesday 16.30-18.00 Futsal
Thursday21.00-22.00 Firman säbä19.30-21.30 Volleyball for pro players