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Etiquette for the group classes

Enroll for the classes

Please remember always enroll for every class and turn via the front page’s calendar. Enrolling begins 7 days before the class.

Be on time

It is polite to be on time for the class. If you are late you disturb the class and you don’t have time to gather the equipment needed. Also please note that if you are late, you get a warning for missing the class (the participation list is saved when the class starts).

Take out your SYKETTÄ sticker

Please always keep your sticker with you (either the sticker in your student card or the mobile sticker in the application). The instructors and/or the staff of the facilities’ reception desk ask to see it.

Remember to cancel, if you cannot attend

Remember to cancel your participation at the latest 2 hours before the class, if you cannot come. Cancellation works the same way as enrolling via the sport calendar or via the link “own enrollments” at the top of the front page. There is a sanction practice in effect for the group classes.

Sanction practice

If a SYKETTÄ user does not arrive to the session, and has not cancelled the enrollment, or is late more than 5 minutes, the following sanction policies shall apply:

1st failure to cancel the enrollment in time or being late from the class shall result in the SYKETTÄ user receiving a notification by email;

2nd failure to cancel the enrollment shall result in a 7 day ban from enrolling or participating in SYKETTÄ sports services. The ban may be lifted by paying a fine of €4.

The sanction policies apply to the sessions listed on the website. Users must personally ensure that their participation on the sessions is recorded. The notice users receive for having an uncancelled session shall be in force for 6 months.