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Sports afternoon

The autumn sports afternoon is on Wednesday 4th of October

University of Eastern Finland’s and Savonia University of Applied Sciences’ students and staff members are enjoying their sports afternoon on 4.10. at 12–16. Every event in sports afternoon is open for all students and staff members of Savonia and UEF and Uniarts as well as the students of HUMAK Kuopio campuses. You don’t need a SYKETTÄ sticker to participate in these events! You have to register as a user if haven’t done it before. You can find the registration form here. More information in the section “enrolling”.

Welcome to join in and feel good! 

The autumn season Sports Afternoon is perfect time for your work or study group to enjoy sports together! In the program there are tips for great group activities, some of which require enrolling beforehand and some of which don’t. Please read the instructions carefully.

Enroll information

The enrolling opens at Wednesday 27.9., exactly 7 days before the event begins.
There are a few exceptions, e.g. horse back riding and Zipline that are informed in the event description.

Enrolling must be done via SYKETTÄ sports calendar or in following events the enrolling is made to the event organizer: Bowling, lazer games at Megazone. And no enrolling in climbing at Voema, Gym at Energy, gym at Snellmania, Gym at Studentia.


If you forget to cancel the event or you do it too late it costs you 10 €. 

Here’s SYKETTÄ contact information

The insurance from the OLL

The insurance of The Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL is valid during the sports afternoon activities, but it covers only the members of Student union SAVOTTA and the Student union HUMAKO. The Student union of the University of Eastern Finland ISYY, the students of TaiYo and staff members are not covered in OLL insurance or by the organizer.

The whole program shortly

Outdoor activies

Indoor sports and wellness in campuses:

Indoor sports and get-to-know classes at the facilities of our partners:

Extra: You can enroll to all SYKETTÄ Kuopio classes during the sports afternoon. Gyms at Snellmania and Studentia are available during opening hours.

1) Outdoor activities

Archery at Puijo

Outdoor activities in Tahko

Tahko: Gather a bunch of people and enjoy a day in Tahko. Shared bus ride costs 5€/person and all participants are responsible for booking and paying their own activities.

How to get to Tahko? The bus ride to Tahko and back to Kuopio costs 5€/person.
Enrolling for the bus ride must be done at latest 22nd of September at noon.

Departure: on 4.10. at first at 12.00 o`clock next to Microteknia maindoors (A doors) and 12.10 o`clock in front of Snellmania.
Return: The bus ride back to Kuopio leaves from Tahko at 16.30 o`clock.

Bus cancelled/ Enroll to the bus ride Kuopio-Tahko-Kuopio

Cancelled/ ZIPLINE – The longest Zipline in Finland

Tahko has unveiled Finland’s longest zipline, with the zip track extending from the top of Tahko’s ski resort area over Lake Syväri to Piazza corner.

This thrilling new activity is open year-round and operated by SeikkailuKuopio Ltd.

The zipline’s starting platform, also known as the launch deck, is located south of Pehkubar next to Joke Street, while the landing platform is situated near Tahko bridge at Piazza’s corner. The elevation difference between the starting and landing platforms is approximately 140 meters, and riders can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h while gliding downwards 6 to 40 meters above the water surface.

There are no structures between the upper and lower platforms; only two parallel cables provide support. This allows for smooth gliding and enables two individuals to descend almost simultaneously.

KUTOP is organising student’s Frisbeegolf competition

Last year for the first time in Kuopio, the student’s frisbee golf tournament was held at Puijo. And it’s
coming again on 4th October at 13.00. Puijo discgolf 18 holes.
The competition is aimed to all students. All players will compete in the same category.

The three best players will be rewarded with frisbee golf product packages put together by Powergrip, ps.
The product packages contain something very unique.

Participants will be randomly divided into groups to start on different holes, before the competition starts.
Participants are responsible for keeping their own throwing group’s score and following the rules.
You can find link to metrix registration in ticket under the additional information in the kide.app wallet.
More detailed instructions and a link to register for the Metrix tournament will be sent to the email of the
participants that you put in the registration form in the kide.app.

Scores will be recorded in the Discgolf metrix system. So please be prepared to download the metrix app on your phone beforehand. And if you don’t already have metrix credentials, get them ready.

Before the competition, there will be a player’s meeting to go over the rules and guidelines at Puijo, the
player’s meeting will be held near the 1st fairway. So please arrive no later than 12.30 pm.

The competition will be made possible by:
Powergrip Kuopio. Kiekkotie 4, Puijonlaakso.
Powergrip is Europe’s largest specialist shop for frisbee golf equipment. Powergrip has the best selection in Finland (over 100,000 products), and a great service-oriented staff, who are always happy to help you find the right discs and equipment for your needs.

Deep In The Forest Ry.
Deep In The Forest is a frisbee golf club founded in 2013 and open to all enthusiasts or beginners of the
sport. https://www.deepintheforest.fi/

Registration for the competition is done on the kide.app, the link to the kide.app can be found in the
KUTOP IG bio. Registration starts on kide.app on 27.9.2023 at 13.00.
Link to kide.App

Riding – Peikkometsän ratsastuskoulu

Peikkometsä riding school has groups for beginners and for those with previous experience.

The address for Peikkometsä riding school is Rautaniementie 25, 70840 Kuopio

Price is 27 €/person and you pay directly to Peikkometsä riding school:

FI26 5482 5420 0149 74.

Enroll and pay at latest on 29.9.2023. This is also the last day to cancel your participation!

Horse riding – Savisaari Riding Center

If you have done riding before and know how to saddle a horse, this one is for you! Enroll via the sports calendar. Enrolling opens Wed 20.9. and Payment must be done at latest on Wednesday 27.9. to the following bank account number:

FI55 1078 3000 220219. (Savisaaren ratsastuskoulu).

Please note that 27.9. is also last day to cancel your participation.

Litter moves Event

University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, SYKETTÄ University Sports Services, Savo Consortium for education and North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium organize all together litter picking event in two provinces 3.-4.10.2023. Join us in picking litter either alone or as a group. Let’s spread around cities and provinces!

Orienteering in Savilahti

Do you sometimes feel lost in the campus area? Ever wondered if there is a shortcut from Studentia to
Tietoteknia? University’s Orienteering club Puijon Suunta (PuSu) organizes a tryout in orienteering
during Sports afternoon on 4 th Oct 2023. Now it’s your chance to find best ways trough the Savilahti

Rugby at Puijo Stadium artificial field

Welcome to try rugby with Kuopio Rugby Club! You get to participate in a 1,5 hour training session in which we will go through the very basics of the game!

What is rugby?

Who can play rugby?

What do you need to take with you?

Welcome to try rugby with us!

YhdistysApprot, New for SYKETTÄ sports afternoon – Come and get to know the associations operating in Kuopio.

After collecting the needed amount of check marks, you will receive an overall badge and you can participate in the product raffle. 

Enroll here

You can find more information here.

Event schedule: 

3) Indoor Sports and wellbeing on campuses

You can enroll to the classes by clicking the name of the activity. Enrolling begins 7 days before the event.


At Sport hall

Snellmania – Yliopistonranta 1, 2. floor

InBody measurements – Savonia Wellness Center, Microkatu campus, 4th floor, C wing

Now you have a chance to get inBody body composition analysis. Wellness Center has a brand new InBody – 770 device in its use that gives exact and reliable result every time! On Sports Afternoon you get extra discount for inBody analysis!

4) Indoor activities and get to know classes around the city

Bowling, Keilakukko

Climbing center Voema, Kaivotie 23 – bouldering and climbing with automatic belay

On sports afternoon you have an extra low-priced possibility to try bouldering (climbing withour ropes) or climbing with automatic belay (rope system which makes sure you cannot fall) in Kuopio climbing center VOEMA! In VOEMA you get to climb really easily and safely.

You don’t need to book a time in advance. You can just arrive and if you are new with bouldering or climbing, you’ll get a starting info, which is focused on the safety and technique.

Pay for the entrance fee straight at the VOEMA Climbing center. There is no time-limit. This extra low-priced possibility is available between 12.00–21.00 o’clock.

Energy Gym, Kuntokeskus Energy

When you arrive to the gym please tell if you come from UEF, Savonia, Uniarts or HUMAK.

Historical dance, Kauppakatu 44

More info: https://kuohitar.yhdistysavain.fi/

Fencing – Kuopion miekkailijat, Kemilänrinne 1

Map to Kemilänrinne

Get-to-know fencing:

More information: via e-mail kurssit(at)kuopionmiekkailijat.net or tel. 045 678 1737 /Panu

Kunnonsali, Ajurinkatu 16

Squat and Deadlift workshops

Duoworking class

Take your friend and come to have fun at Duoworking-class!

The choreography is based on streetdance, and during the lesson you get to do some practices with your friend. We´ll make a fun choreography with friend, so at the end you will have an amazing duet! 

At the streetdance, community is very important part of the coulture, so you get realize your self as individual, but part of the pair work. How is this possible? Come and figure that out!

KuoFit gym, Saarijärventie 9

Sports Afternoon special offers!

Laser tag for groups – Megazone

Padel tournament, Mexicano and Padel fields – Billebeino Padel Kuopio Oy

First time we have Padel tournament! This is Mexicano tournament.

Mexicano is played with the same point structure as a regular Americano, but the game order is not predetermined. The system will generate the next round based on the current top list, which will result in more even matches. In a Mexicano, you can play both with and against the same player several times, who you meet is based entirely on the current top list for the next round. The 1st in the top list will play together with the 3rd against the 2nd and the 4th, etc., down in the top list. May the best person win!

Pole Center – Puusepänkatu 5 C 1

On Sports afternoon we will train Pole Choreography and Aerial yin yoga.

Aerial yin yoga is done with aerial sling. Sling-Yin consist of peaceful Yin Yoga asanas inside the sling and on the floor with the sling. We held each asana (posture) couple of minutes and we move slowly from posture to posture. The sling supports the body and the postures different way than the floor so you get new kind of experience compared to traditional Yin Yoga. No experience from aerial yoga or yin yoga is needed. Comfortable and warm clothing is recommended.

Pole Choreography class includes basic steps and spins with the pole which we combine to one choreography. You don’t need previous experience from the pole or dance, everyone can join. You can take shorts and pants to this class and little towel for wiping the pole.

Trampoline park, HUIPPU center, Siikaranta 9 A

Fun and effective exercise by bouncing on a trampoline. The facility has 400 square meters of trampolines of different strengths, a large jumping jack and several places to play. Look at here.

Upcoming sports afternoons 2024