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Iisalmi – Sport benefits

Academic year 2022-2023

As a student or staff member of Savonia, Iisalmi campus, you get different kinds of benefits around Iisalmi with your student or staff card. You find all the benefits, get-to-know classes and other news on this page.

These sport benefits are only for the students and staff of Savonia. The prices listed here are prices you get with your student or staff card.

Notice students: You have to have either a valid student card (with the sticker for the current academic year) or a certificate that you are currently studying in Savonia.


Tiitta Paajanen, the university sports planner
044 785 5087

PS. You are also eligible to use the SYKETTÄ services in Kuopio and Joensuu with the SYKETTÄ sports fee or the sport benefits in Varkaus. Check out the sport fees and offerings here: www.sykettä.fi

The offers listed below are valid 1.8.22-31.5.23 unless stated otherwise!

Continuous offers

Iisalmi Swimming pool and gym /old pool closed during autumn

NB! The old swimming pool is closed in January 2023 and the new swimmin pool opened. We will let you know about the offers for the new swimming pool as soon as we know them.

BENEFIT 1 – 1 € discount for single visits to swimming, gym and group classes

BENEFIT 2 – 30 day card for the gym 34 € (students) / 49 € (staff)

BENEFIT 3 5 € discount for the seasonal card for the instructed group classes

WHERE?  Iisalmi Swimming pool, Joukolankatu 15, 74120 Iisalmi, Puh. 040 350 2534


KuntoStep is a new beginner-friendly training center in Iisalmi.

BENEFIT 1 – 6 euros discount for all the membership plans

BENEFIT 2 – 10x card for KuntoStep only 40/60 €

WHERE? KuntoStep, Pohjolankatu 21, 74210 Iisalmi

LadyLine Iisalmi

LadyLine Iisalmi is a Fitness center for women with a great selection of instructed group classes and the gym available with a key card every day between 5 am and 11 pm.

NEW! BENEFIT 1 – Discount for the students and staff of Savonia for the membership fees.

DID YOU KNOW? New customer can get a free 1 day trial pass!

WHERE? LadyLine Iisalmi, Kilpivirrantie 7, 74120 Iisalmi

Tiinan Treenipalvelut

WHAT? Tiinan Treenipalvelut has a functional Crosstraining gym and diverse group fitness classes.

BENEFIT 1 – Monthly membership 59 €/month

BENEFIT 2 – Reduced price for 10x and 20 x cards

WHERE? Tiinan Treenipalvelut, Kyllikinkatu 4, 74100 Iisalmi

MORE INFO? www.tiinantreenipalvelut.fi/ , tiina@tiinantreenipalvelut.fi, 0500 747 898 (Tiina)

Ball sport turns

Ball sport turns in the campus sport hall are organized by student associations SAIMO ry and Saito ry. Please follow their Facebook groups to get more information about these open turns.

Other partners

Easy-going football
Come to play football, no previous experience needed! FcHöntsäMammat (female team) and FcHöntsäPapat (male team) both practice on Thursday in Iisalmi jalkapallohalli (Football hall). You can come to try always the first Thursday of the month at 19.30-20.30!

More information:
Facebook – Klubi-36 FC HöntsäMammat 
Instagram – @klubi36fchontsamammat
Nettisivut – https://www.klubi36.fi/joukkueet/7315