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Who has right to use SYKETTÄ?

Below you will find an explanation of those groups that may use the universities’ sports services SYKETTÄ. All of those coming to Studentia’s facilities will be asked to show their SYKETTÄ sticker. Also, everyone in group classes, general sports shifts, as well as regular shifts will be asked by an instructor or a group leader to show their SYKETTÄ sticker.


UEF’s and Savonia’s sports services are available to all students that are completing a degree in these respective schools and have registered themselves as present for the current academic year. For Uniarts the students studying in Kuopio campus are eligible to use the services.

These groups are:
– Finnish and foreign degree students
– Exchange students that are studying for at least 3 months

Also in UEF:
– Finnish and foreign students continuing their studies for postgraduate degree

The services may be used until the end of the school year in which you graduate. For example, if a student graduates on 16.10, they have the right to use the services until the end of the spring semester, on 31.7, provided that he or she has a valid student card.

The right to study and present attendance may be checked from the student card and the student registry. Students will receive, if needed, a certificate from the student and administration service (UEF) or the student services (Savonia).

Those not allowed to use the services in UEF and Savonia are students whose studies do not lead to a final degree (excluded are exchange students and recently graduated students that have paid their fees until the end of the year) or those that have not registered themselves as present.

These groups are:
– Students not registered as present
– Students registered to fill degree spots
– Those open university and open university of applied sciences students that don’t have the right to pursue a degree also do not have the right to use the SYKETTÄ service.

Also in UEF
– Those with flexible study rights (JOO studies)
– Students with different studying rights (also known as visiting students)


Staff of UEF and Savonia who have a valid work contract have the right to use the SYKETTÄ services. Also staff members of Uniarts’ Kuopio unit can use SYKETTÄ services.

In addition
– Also, those receiving funding for research in UEF have the right to use the services.

All Savonia staff that have the right to staff cards have also the right to use the services.