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SYKETTÄ Varikko – smart move

Can SYKETTÄ be any greater than it already is?

The answer is yes, because now you have access to the VARIKKO service, brought to you by health care students of Savonia! In Varikko you can for example test your physical condition or get tips for safe and healthy training. Varikko is for all the SYKETTÄ-movers who have a valid sports package bought.

The purpose is:
1) To get real customers for the students and
2) Offer an inexpensive wellness service for the SYKETTÄ-movers

It’s a win-win situation!


Book your time via VireTori’s own website.


1 -Physiotherapy services

The beginners and more advanced movers alike will benefit from checking out your muscle balance, exercise techniques and body alignment. The physiotherapy students will check if you have any imbalances, tight muscles or not so optimal alignments. You can visit them with any musculo-skeletal problems.

2 – Welness and health counselling

Whether your gol is to lose weight, improve your aerobic condition or get more muscles, setting goals is great way to take your exercising to the next level. Get help and support from Varikko! Students of Varikko will help you to make changes in your habits and lifestyle, concerning for example sleeping, resting, eating and exercising.

3 – Test and measurements

Check your progress towards your goals! In Varikko you can take for example body composition tests, submaximal exercise tets, Cooper and 6 minute walking test. Physical performance tests are performed at Microkatu campus, at Microkatu 1.

4 – Help with aches and problems

Do you have some kind of little aches or pains but you don’t know if you should bother the doctor? Feeling stiff in group exercise classes or having knee problems while running? If you have any kind of musculoskeletal ailments, come and meet the physiotherapy students. Maybe the aching knee is from the movement control impairment in your pelvis and can be helped with right physiotherapeutic exercises.

5 – SYKETTÄ-Trainer -package includes a free visit to Varikko!

When you decide to get yourself your own SYKETTÄ Trainer, you get a free visit to Varikko. Meet your trainer, ponder together if you have any need for visit to Varikko, and book a time.


One appointment is 60 minutes. Book a time via VireTori website.

The fee is paid:

Notice! You must cancel your appointment at latest 24 hours before the appointment, if you can’t make it. Otherwise you are obliged to pay the full price.


VireTori- Savonia, Microkatu campus

VireTori is situated in Savonia’s Microkatu campus in Savilahti
Microkatu 1, 70210 Kuopio / 4th floor, wing C.