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Sport event

CANCELLED: Fencing trial, Sports afternoon


Place Kuopio Fencing (Kemilänrinne 1, 70500 Kuopio)
Date and time 1.3.2022 at 13:00 - 15:00
Type Event
Instructor Sirpa Risto
More information Fencing experiment/ trial content:
– Short introduction about fencing as a martial art and the sport gear needed for it
– Warm up
– Fencing stance and moving
– Simple attacks and defences
– Playful trial matches

Time: 13.00 -15.00, max. 20 persons
Place: Kemilänrinne 1, Kuopio
Price: 5,00€
Take 5€ with you and give it to the Fencing instructor at Kuopion Miekkailijat. Only cash!

More information: via e-mail kurssit(at)kuopionmiekkailijat.net or tel. 045 678 1737 /Panu

If you forget to cancel the event or you do it too late it costs you 10 €.

Remember to cancel the class on time if you can’t participate!
You can cancel the class at the latest on 28.2., exactly 24 hours before the event begins.
Note that the cancellation period varies from event to event: There are some classes (arranged by external partners) that requires you to enroll before certain date. This is told in the description of the class, so read the information carefully!
You can cancel the class via SYKETTÄ Sports calendar the same way you have enrolled for the event, or from the “own enrollments” link in top of the web page.
When you enroll, you agree to our practice with the cancellation.
What if I get sick?
– If you let us know before the event starts, it’s okay!
– If you let us know only afterwards or when the event has already started, please deliver us a sick leave certificate or pay the cancellation fine 10 €.


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You can cancel enrollment no later than 24 hours before the event.