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SYKETTÄ tutoring

NB! SYKETTÄ tutor activities will start again autumn 2022!

SYKETTÄ-tutoring increases your well-being by offering you a chance to:

– Try different activities
– Spend active and easy-going free time
– Get to know university sport services and possibilities the city of Kuopio offers
– Meet new people

SYKETTÄ tutor activities are open, free and alcohol-free!
SYKETTÄ-tutors have attended their university’s own peer tutor education.

Hop aboard!

– SYKETTÄ tutors host a weekly shift in Studentia, where different kind of games and sports are played. You can participate anytime for free (no SYKETTÄ sticker needed).
– Tutors will arrange outdoor activities, get-to-know classes and other activities. You can find information from the SYKETTÄ tutors Facebook-page.
– Would you like to have a friend for a walk, gym or some other activity? Ask a SYKETTÄ tutor! You can use this form or send us a message via any of our social media accounts or e-mail.

How to participate the weekly shift:

– The shift will be informed August 2022.
– Please wait at the Studentia lobby, the tutor will come to pick you up
– The content of the shift changes and you can find information of current week’s content in Facebook and Instagram @sykettatuutorit_kpo
– Participating is free and the shift is open for all the students of Kuopio’s universities

Contact information – you can message us in English!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sykettatuutorit.kpo/
Instagram: @sykettatuutorit_kpo
E-mail: sykettatuutorit.kpo(a)gmail.com

Need more information?

Ask Paula: sports coordinator Paula Ruokonen
044 785 5087