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Varkaus – Sport benefits

Academic year 2022-2023

As a student or staff member of Savonia, Varkaus campus, you may get different kinds of benefits around Varkaus with your student or staff card. You find all the benefits, get-to-know classes and other news on this page.

These sport benefits are only for the students and staff of Savonia. The prices listed here are prices you get with your student or staff card.

Notice students: You have to have either a valid student card (with the sticker of the current academic year) or a certificate that you are currently studying in Savonia.


Tiitta Paajanen, the university sports coordinator
044 785 5087

PS. You are also eligible to use the SYKETTÄ services in Kuopio and Joensuu. Check out the sport fees and offerings here: www.sykettä.fi

Courses and get-to-knows

Weekly sport class – Fit Varkaus, 7.2.-28.3.

During February and March a weekly sport class will be arranged in Ole Fit Varkaus. The class will be held on Tuesdays at 16.30-17.30: 7.2., 14.2., 28.2., 14.3., 21.3. and 28.3. (6 times) if at least 6 people have enrolled to this course by 31.1.2023. Maximum number of participants is 15.

The classes vary in content, for example crosstraining, rowing, aerial yoga. The contents are shaped according to the number of participants and their wishes. The classes are for the students and staff of Savonia Varkaus campus.

WHERE? Ole Fit Varkaus: Laivalinnankatu 19, 78200 Varkaus
WHEN? On Tuesdays, 16.30-17.30: 7.2., 14.2., 28.2., 14.3., 21.3. and 28.3.
PRICE? 12 €, when enrolling at latest 31.1., *after this 18€

ENROLLING: enroll via this link

NOTICE: Enrolling is binding. Those who have enrolled will be sent payment instructions by e-mail before the classes starts.

If there is at least 6 people enrolled by 31.1., and the classes are arranged, you can enroll after 31.1. if the group is not full (notice the change in the price*). If there is less than 6 people enrolled at 31.1., these classes will not be arranged.

Have anything to ask? E-mail me: tiitta.paajanen@savonia.fi

All the offers listed below are valid 1.8.22-31.7.23 unless stated otherwise!

Energy Fitness club

WHAT? Energy Fitness club has 24/7 gym for you in the centre of Varkaus!

BENEFIT 1 – Membership only 38,90 €/month

BENEFIT 2 – 10x card only 72 €!

WHERE? Energy Fitness Club, Pirnankatu 4, 78200 Varkaus. The gym is in the downstairs of shopping center Forum and the entrance is in Relanderinkatu.  

MORE INFORMATION? Homepage: here

Fit Varkaus

WHAT? Fit Varkaus is a brand new fitness center with gym, crosstraining and diverse group fitness classes.



WHERE? Fit Varkaus, Laivalinnankatu 19, 78200 Varkaus

MORE INFORMATION? Customer service: varkaus@ole.fit, home page: www.ole.fit/varkaus

Swimming pool and gym Ilopisara

WHAT? Ilopisara offers you a possibility to swim and use gym with a reduced price. You can get a Savonia card from the Ilopisara’s front desk (card’s deposit 3 €). You can download single visits or whole month of training to the card with the following prices:

BENEFIT 1 – Single visits: Staff 6 €/visit, students 3,5 €/visit.

BENEFIT 2 – 30 days card: Staff 50 €/month, students 39 €/month.

WHERE? Ahlströminkatu 11, 78250 Varkaus

MORE INFO? Ilopisara’s  homepage

Varkauden liikuntatalo

Varkauden liikuntatalo (sports hall) lets you enjoy ball games or get an affordable gym membership.

BENEFIT 1 – Table tennis 7 €/hour, the reservations are made by phone straight from the sports hall  (040 771 8700)

BENEFIT 2 – Badminton 10 €/hour, the reservations are made by phone straight from the sports hall  (040 771 8700)

BENEFIT 3 – Gym card (35 days) only 30 €

NEW BENEFIT FOR STUDENTS – Table tennis and badminton turns before 4pm cost only 3 €/hour for students!

WHERE? Varkauden liikuntatalo, Järvelänkatu 12, 78210 Varkaus

MORE INFO? Homepage

Get-to-know classes, partner sport clubs etc.

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