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Jogging almost a quarter of a century

Kirjoitettu: 5.5.2015 14:49

I have been interested in jogging for 23 years. During the first 10 years I jogged only a couple of times a week until I happened to take part in a running event. This made me to get more enthusiastic in running. I took up more exercise in running and participated in 5 and 10 km runs, half-marathons and marathons, later.

It is important to schedule and alternate running practices and have some goal in running.  The goal can be to maintain good health and mood, weight control or to be involved in a running event without or with time goals.  It is wise to go in for other exercises, too,  beside running, that support improving good fitness, muscle balance and strength, e.g. skiing, dancing, cyckling, ball games, muscle strength training, water running, gymnastic exercises, yoga, pilates and stretching. To train the middle muscles of the body is important in maintaining good posture in running.

Honolulu Marathon 2013
Barcelona Marathon 2015 massage place

Speed in discipline

It is a wrong belief that practice should feel bad to be improving. Basis for the good basic fitness is improvi

ng practice having low effectiveness. When you are in good shape enough, you can take pace, maximum and rapidity endurance practices if the goal is running in high speed.

Spare your feet

Injuries  are common problems among many runners.  Versatile training taking many kinds of sport, moderate amount of practice and recovering the body  prevent injuries. You can do combination exercises mixing different kinds of sport at the same instance, running being one of the exercises.  Time, recovering exercises e.g. in water, dancing, stretching and massage help in recovering.

Sport is a cure. Have fun!