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Sport place

Puijo Ski Stadium

Address Suurmäentie 85, 70200 Kuopio
Web https://www.kuopio.fi/web/liikunta-ja-ulkoilu/puijo
More information Puijo is Kuopio's winter sports centre, where many competitions, including international ones, are held. Puijo's sports centre is situated about 2.5 kilometres north of the city centre.

The sports centre is ideal for sports and exercising. At Puijo there are 4 jumping hills, of which K120 is the largest. Protected from the wind the ski jumping centre is designed for year round use. The large hill, K120, is home to international competitions and training camps in Kuopio.

There are also two slalom slopes in the Puijo area: Puijo's slalom slope, which is 400 metres long, and the Antikkala downhill slope, at a length of 800 metres.

You have also excellent possibilities for skiing during the winter. The skiing tracks meet international standards. Some of the tracks located on Puijo hll are classified as demanding.

In the summer time, you can enjoy the wide network of exercise tracks, play golf and follow Finnish baseball in Puijo.

Puijo recreation area includes forests which vary from park-like scenes to nature conservation forests. The unique environment is of significant importance to the citizens and all those who want to relax out in the open.

There is a wide range of nature trails and exercise tracks in Puijo. The place is very popular and residents make much use of it. The forests are ideal also for those who want to pick berries or mushrooms