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Electronic key for Opistotie facilities

How to get a key or activate one you already have?

1 – If you already have an electronic key (=Technopolis key, if you study in Microkatu campus)

You can activate it via SYKETTÄ selling point Café SAVOTTA in Microkatu. After paying the sports fee, you can ask the staff of Café SAVOTTA to activate the Technopoli key. The keys are activated once a week. If you announce your key number at latest on Wednesday, your key will be activated during Friday.

2 – If you do not have an electronic key, you can get it only from ISYY campus office Lukema or bookstore KUTOP

You must pay 20 € deposit to get the electronic key. You will get the deposit back when you return the electronic key. Check HERE for more information!
Please take with you your SYKETTÄ sticker. The key is valid for Opistotie sports hall and also for the two Gyms that are at the Opistotie sport facilities. The deposit is paid to the service desk when you go get the key.

Notice: If you have the old key (= for which you didn’t pay the deposit) the previously signed commitment is still valid, meaning that if you lost or don’t return your key you must pay 50 € as the commitment states.

Returning the electronic key

1 – If your key is Technopolis key (only activated to work in Opistotie), please return the key to the Technopolis info desk when you no longer use the key or graduate.

2 – If you have got the key from our selling point and paid the 20 € deposit, you must return the key to the same selling point and on time!

Broken key

Sometimes the key is broken (=when using it, the reader by the door won’t show any light). If that is the case, you need to contact Pekka Vedenpää. Please make sure that the key really is broken (the reader by the Opistotie door won’t respond to it) before doing it.
* Contact Pekka: pekka.vedenpaa@savonia.fi,  044 785 6342

Returning the key in spring 2020

Do not worry about the returning of the Opistotie key! All our offices are closed right now so returning the key is not possible. We will arrange the possibility to return the key as soon as we can open the offices.

– It is possible to return the key in the autumn and get your deposit back
– If you absolutely must return the key right away, for example you are leaving Kuopio, you can return the key via mail. Please contact Paula. Please notice, that these mailed keys will not be handled until the office is open again, so there is delay!